Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lonely time

I have had a bit of a blue day today.  I try to look for improvement and it is so small it is almost impossible to see.

I get up in the morning and move from my bed to the sofa,  I try to walk around the house a little bit.  I still have no appetite - at all.  BUT I have developed a huge craving for ice cream.  I have almost finished 2 containers (they weren't full but still)  My fever hasn't spiked in 3 days.  The pain pills he gave me have cut the pain in 1/2 I would say.  Not as good as I hoped - but better than it was.

I am not good company so I am glad (in a way ) no one is here with me.  This way I can slip down on the sofa and have a guilt free cat nap.  

But it still feels a little lonely.  

Oh on a positive note....... the staff from school sent me a gorgeous basket of flowers last Monday - yeah yeah it has taken me this long to drag the camera out and take a snap shot.  

Warren picked me up a red silk rose - if you look closely you will see a little heart that says "love" It makes me smile every time I look at it.  

The only problem is dear Miss Ashes has decided that Warren brought it for her and any time she can get close to it she strokes and purrs and rubs her face all over it.  But that's ok I don't mind sharing :)


Sir said...

I wish I could fix your boredom and pains :-(

What ice cream flavor do you want when I come over??


nancy said...

Glad to read that the ice cream freezer will be kept well stocked!

Keep on taking it slow.. cause that's the only way to get well.

Beautiful flowers from both sources!

abby said...

Flowers and ice help the recovery process. I have been away ...but glad the surgery went well...keep taking it easy!'

anna said...

Would you like some company?

Anonymous said...

Ice cream... must be quite a delight to eat now. I remember when I had mine taken out, the first thing I jumped on was cheese :D

If you want to chat drop me a line on Fetlife :) There is a bit a change for Me and terry...

La_sirene ;)

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