Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well today is the start of day 5 post-operatively speaking.  The last two days weren't so great.  Warren on the other hand makes a great care-giver!!  From making meals to vacuuming,  fluffing pillows to whispering re-assuring words in my ear He has been amazing.  

Today dawned with a back ache to end all back aches.  I couldn't sit, stand, or lie down.  I was beginning to wonder if things were ever gonna improve.  I reached for the advil yet again !!!  

Everyone says 48 hours and you should be up and running.  One week back at work.  I don't get it.  I am on day 5 and the best thing I can say about today is .... I haven't had a nap this morning.  oh yeah and the advil worked so the back ache has retreated.   

I know I have had major surgery.  I know major surgery is a shock to the system.  BUT everyone told me I would be up and running by now.  It is most discouraging.

Not a very cheery or cheeky or fun blog yet again........... 

Maybe day 6 will be better........ 


Buffalo said...

poor baby

saffy said...

At least you are not in hospital and are home. (not much comfort when you feel like you do) Everybody is different at getting better so be lienient on yourself and enjoy having a rest. You will be back to normal soon enough

alyson said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, even if you're not recovering at the pace you expected and hoped.

"Everybody" was probably giving you the "normal" answer. There are so many variables that can factor in. A friend of mine who has chronic illnesses to begin with had her galbladder out a couple years ago. They refused to give her even her normal everyday pain medication levels, much less up anything to lower her pain post-surgery. She wasn't even able to get out of bed for at least a week after surgery. And the doctors kept saying "but you're 30-something, you should be fine!" and not thinking about all the other factors.

I can tell you from a life spent dealing with doctors rather often (I have some weird health issues that took 10+ years to diagnosis and will mean regular medical care for the rest of my life) that "everybody" is often wrong.

Just keep taking it slow and I suspect at some point you'll actually have a jump in how you feel as you get over the biggest hump of the healing process.

Hisflower said...

stop putting yourself on 'doctors" or "other peoples" schedules- take it easy, get your rest- your body will heal in YOUR time.
lots of hugs~

Sue said...

48 hours!?!?!?!?
Dear, you had major abdominal surgery. It takes time to heal and time to recover your strength. It used to be (in the bad old days, that they figured "back to work" after gallbladder surgery was 6-8 WEEKS). Chill out and rest. You will be back on your feet in short order.

Oh -- and hooray for Warren!


schiava said...

i am testimony to the fact that recovery from gall bladder surgery is not as quick or easy as "they" would have you believe. But you *will* improve, slowly but surely. i was fortunate to have an old fashioned doctor who didn't believe in rushing me back to work before he felt i was fully recovered. He did, however, forget to tell me how important those fluids are, so dehydration (and a second hospital stay) was my future, two weeks post-op.

You just take care of you, no matter how long it takes to recover. You will be so glad you had this done, in the long run!

BlazngScarlet said...

Darl, you're not 'everybody'.
As so many others have already said, there are many variables in regards to your recovery.
I had my gallbladder out when I was 22, I was up and about in 48 hours, but if I had the surgery today?
Probably not.
I have other health issues, and let's face it .. i'm 20 years OLDER than when I DID have it! lol

Stop worrying about what "they" say, and just concentrate on YOU and your body.
Let Warren take care of you (as it sounds like he's definitely doing a most excellent job!), and let your body heal.
It will.

Till then, I am sending warm, happy wishes your way.

viemoira said...

Everyone is different - the doctor says 2 weeks usually so I wouldn't worry yourself until you get into week 2. Stress can make the body take longer to heal...

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