Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doctor Doctor

A little health update........... (whether you want it or not)

Sunday was my best day in the week of recovery - I was hungry - I ate - I moved around easily.  YAY things were looking up.

Then sometime in the middle of the night I woke to chills and fever.  Not very high - just 99 but enough to be worrisome.  I took some Tylenol and the fever went away.  The four incisions are clean and dry and cool.

Monday was spent sitting on the toilet or sleeping.  I put it down to over eating on Sunday.  Then late Monday afternoon the fever went up again to 100.  I had barely eaten on Monday - absolutely no interest.

Tuesday morning I awoke feeling more like myself - YAY !  it was just a little glitch in my recovery.  Still no appetite and by mid afternoon  the chills were back and my fever was spiking to 101.  The Tylenol was still handling the fever.

Here it is Wednesday morning - and like yesterday morning I feel weak but better.  I am sitting here drinking my cup of coffee.  BUT I was up during the night with fever and chills and taking more Tylenol.  I think it is time to call the doctor. 

I am worried - who wouldn't be??? BUT truthfully I want to be better again.. I want to be my cheeky self... I am so ready to move forward with my life....... I HAVE to get better NOW!!  (I was never known for being a very patient patient)   Keep good thoughts for me ..... I'll be back when I can........



nancy said...

You are RIGHT to be worried.. a fever isn't a good sign~~
Call that doc and get better soon!

dara said...

Yeah, what nancy said!

Probably just need a lil help gettin better but better to get it before you need a lot.

And get better soon!


Vote 3 for "Get the doc". We will be waiting for your return but get yourself sorted first.


Hisflower said...

me too- go see your doc...always keeping good thoughts for you sweetie...

Anonymous said...

Many wishes and warm thoughts for a speedy, safe recovery. Here's hoping you feel much better soon!

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