Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A rose by any other name..

There was a discussion over on FetLife - on the group "Sadists and masochists"- that got me thinking...

The question put forth used the term "true masochist" and "true sadist". More than a few respondants took offense to the term "true"

I know I have more than once heard someone refer to me as a "true masochist" because I could/did have orgasms from pain. But what if I have an off day and don't have an orgasm - does that mean I lose the "true" from my label?? And why is it important anyway?? Do sadists like to brag they have found a "true masochist"?? Do masochists like to brag they have found a true Sadist????

Who benefits from these "truisms"?? Why are they important??? Too often I have heard whispers about who is or isn't a masochist.. or who is or isn't a player... or who is or isn't dominant??

Who cares???

Certainly not me! I just care what's inside someone.. their character...... as for the rest of it..

"A rose by any other name still smells as sweet"


Hisflower said...

i love this post- thanks!

abby said...

soooo true...labels can so get in the way of others getting to know you...ugh...abby

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