Wednesday, August 04, 2010


For one reason or another, I have had some time to myself just recently. Time to sit lotus like and contemplate my belly button.

I have done some reviewing of things I know about myself..... cause ya see for the most part I know myself really really well.......... the good parts, the bad parts, the ugly parts. And I like to think for the most part I have to come to accept these parts as just being who I am.

The short list of my qualities (for good or bad) is ......

I am not a social being, I am painfully shy.

I am ferociously loyal to those I call "friend".

I am stubborn.

I am afraid of losing / giving up control.

I am very proud of where I am today.

I prefer the quiet of the country to the noise of the city - but I know I would miss the noise of the city if I couldn't visit it.

I am naive, and trusting - sometimes to a fault.

I cannot abide liars or cheaters - and like a dog with a bone - go after them until I usually fall exhausted by the wayside.

I have one great fear....... and that is hurting someone. I would rather absorb the hurt myself than make another suffer it.

I do NOT verbalize well, that is not to say I am a bad communicator - NO! not at all - I just can't speak the words that are in my heart. I write. That is what I do best, I write.

Someone once said to me " when you are weak, I will be there for you, When you are strong, I will admire you, When you laugh, I will share in your joy, and When you cry, I will hold you until it stops"

I have no idea where I was going when I started out on this "musing" all I know is that for now I have run out of words.

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  1. Looks like a pretty good inventory..something we should all stop and take. They build a realistic picture of a person i would like to call friend! abby


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