Tuesday, August 17, 2010

end of August

Ever since I was a kid - this was my favourite time of the year. I loved new school supplies.. I loved my new school bag.. my new uniform (yes I wore a school uniform)

Sometimes I wonder if this love of new books and pencils and erasers was the reason I became an educator. I still shop for new pens and notebooks - no more school uniforms but that's ok... I don't really "do" school girl (or school teacher for that matter) not my fetish

Over the weekend I bought a new agenda and wrote "meet with new principal" under the 17th. Yes I am off to my first meeting of the year today.

It has been a good summer.....it was a summer of rambling around.. and navel gazing ... meeting new friends .. meeting up with some old ones.

I think in an odd way I did a lot of growing up this summer. It was due dontcha think?!! In the last few weeks I have been having "epiphanies" for lack of a better word. I need to process them a bit .. flesh them out.. clean up the edges.... make sense of it all.......... and then who knows .. maybe share it here..

For now I will pack up my book bag and head off to my first meeting of the year


  1. I'm sorry we didn't get to see each other this summer, but the offer is still open.

  2. I'm having a very bittersweet end of summer - it will be the first time in 21 years I don't got with expectent kids (or kid) to Business Depot for those new supplies. Even right into high school and yes, university my kids LOVED to get "new" supplies... but maeve just finished up her final course for her BA - Rowan too - Declan has taken a year off from college and Kealin is working fulltime to make money for travelling with her sister (she just graduated grade 12) - I went in regardless (wheeled in, sighed) and got my agneda with doug - but that is IT- ... so weird, I used to bitch about it all - so much $$ but I sorta miss it.


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