Sunday, August 29, 2010


I have always maintained that I suffer from the Peter Pan Complex (I'm never gonna grow up!)

And those that have played with me can attest to the fact that when I am flying on endorphins my mental age ranges somewhere between 4 and 5 years old.

However - yesterday I was not / did not play ........ BUT I landed up feeling more like a 5 year old than any time I am playing.

I went to visit a friend.......... and when I was walking out the front door - I didn't realize her front step (from the front door to the cement - yes I said CEMENT - patio ) was not up to code and just a wee bit higher than it should have been. I put my foot down expecting to touch cement ...instead I went down........ hard....... on all fours. And no I was not demonstrating puppy play or any form of animal play.

She screeched - I tend to fall with flair and dramatics. I slowly and painfully rolled over onto my ass - hoping against hope my new pants had not had the knees torn out of them - especially since I was on my way to a house warming.

Nope the knees to the pants were fine......... BUT... rolling up the legs of the pants revealed my knees .. the ones of skin and bone .. were not so fine. They were skinned and bleeding and black and blue (well one was black and blue - the other one was just skinned)

Being the grown up on the outside... I declared I was fine.. just feeling foolish.... picked myself up with as much dignity as one can muster after falling ass over tea kettle... and climbed into my car.

When I arrived at baby daughter's house warming all I could think was " I want my mommy!!" I was so close to tears.. and my knees were .. OUCH !!!

We rolled up my pant legs again to reveal bloody knees . Fortunately baby daughter has 3 sons so band aides are never in short supply. She even had BIG ones that almost covered the knees.

The knees were bandaged up... advil taken.. ice applied .. drink in hand.. I went out to join in the festivities. Everything was going along swimmingly until I stood up to go and get dinner. It felt as though my right knee was the size of a football and as though someone had jammed a whole mess of cotton batting inside the joint.

I managed to hold out till a semi respectable hour and then begged my leave and came home. More ice - more advil - and bed.

My plan today is to keep the one knee iced at regular intervals - take advil - and pray a lot. School starts tomorrow......... with the kids !! I have my 'first day of school' outfit planned and trust me when I say, it does not involve a cane!!

Here is a picture of my poor swollen bruised skinned knees...........(self portrait - doesn't really do justice to the damage .. trust me!!)

The one thing you can bet on......... this year when a lil one comes in crying with skinned knees - they are gonna get a whole mess of sympathy from me!!!


swan said...

Oh my! Are you really sure that it is "just skinned knees?" It looks pretty serious. Maybe you ought to have someone look at it? Are there emergency care centers in the great white north where someone could get eyes on your poor knees?

Poor baby....

Hugs, swan

T said...

YIKES! If it feels like it is stuffed with cotton, you have more than a bump and bruise. Take it from the family of crappy knees. Get it checked out! My knee "popped" one day...just sounded like an actual "pop" and within the week I was having arthroscopic surgery and was told that I was a candidate for knee replacement. And you have witnessed Tom's crappy knees... Get it checked, sweetie. No harm, no foul, if it is just bruised/sprained....and you might get something to reduce swelling and pain.


abby said...

OUCH.....HUGsssss....i agree ..get it checked! abby


Ouch in a bad way. That swelling just ain't normal, I am tending to agree with Swan, T and Abby right now. It is better to be over cautious where joints are concerned.


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