Monday, February 01, 2010

Weekend in Review

Well as i posted on Sunday - Sir and i went to our play party on Saturday evening.. and my breasts got worked over.. and my ass..... what else is new??

It was all a bit weird.......... and i realize i have some trouble putting it down (and make sense - mind you how often DO i make sense?? )

ok let's start back at the hotel at 6:30 when i was getting dressed to go to the play party. Usually fet wear is required for play parties........ and for those of you who don't know.. i am most definitely not into fet wear. But i have this lil black number that is see-through and has a black collar that is attached to the bodice with chains. There is even a lil thong to go with it.. a strip of material that goes around the waist and a chain runs between my legs.

i had gotten into the outfit.. was trying to fasten the chains on the collar/neckline to the bodice when i shuddered. It was -30 degrees outside and i just couldn't face setting off to the club in black mosquito netting. i wanted to crawl back into my thick wool turtle neck sweater and heavy velvet pants.

Imagine my surprise when Sir gave me permission to take the fet wear off and get snuggly !!! (He said that i was just gonna get naked anyway )

So off we went - with me dressed up warm as can be.

i was a little nervous about being dressed "so vanilla" but was thrilled to see even the hostess was in warm snuggly type clothing.

Sir and i were visiting in the lounge section of the club. Some folks had wandered off to the play area.......... others were snuggled up on the couches ........ and Sir started pinching my nipples or trying to...... i have the fastest hands in the world when it comes to protecting my nipples !!

It all became a little bit silly ... a challenge of sorts. Sir trying to slap my breasts/pinch my nipples and my trying to thwart His attempts. At one point He told me to put my hands on my head. i did.. but quickly brought my elbows down to cover my breasts. i was laughing.. Sir was laughing.. it was all silly and fun.. and relaxing.

Finally Sir told me to take my turtle neck off ....... and then He started in on my breasts in earnest. He was pinching my nipples.. then He grabbed a breast and held it in one hand and slapped it hard with the other........switch breasts repeat.

i asked if He brought the crop........ (and He had) and (shoot me now !!) i asked Him to use the crop. And Sir obliged. More than once managing to hit the nipple dead on.

And then it was over. And i was back in my snuggly warm turtle neck watching everyone else play. (and i promise i will talk about that.......... but not right now)

i felt like the floor had been pulled out from under me... i thought that was the play for the evening.. i thought i might just dig me some worms... i thought - which is what Sir repeatedly tells me - gets me in trouble !! i should not think !!

You know how they say that the mind is the largest sexual organ (or something like that)??? well it works the same way with BDSM....
The minute i started the climb up the stairs to the club my mind was switching gears.... the knots were tightening in my stomach... the body was getting ready.

Entering the club ratchets it up a notch or two............. low lighting....... smell of leather......... equipment on the left....... toy bags spread out like unwrapped gifts holding surprises and thrills

And so when i pulled my turtle neck back on....... the floor fell out from under me.. and i was left virtually shaking from the build up

There were two scenes going on that i watched with interest....... (but i will describe them another time) And i felt my body settle down.. my heart rate decrease and everything felt ok.

Right about then Sir asked me if i was ready to get my ass beaten.

i just kinda stared at Him.......... the heart rate went from 0 - 60 in 3 seconds. Was i ready?? my god YES

And so we moved over to the easel. i kinda held back. There is a step for the submissive to stand on....... and for some reason....... that small step was doing me in. i swallowed my fear and stepped up....... the whole easel is highly polished wood........ and i was in stocking feet. No sooner had i positioned myself on the step/ledge thingy .... my feet started sliding forwards .. threatening to slide right off the ledge. i told Sir.. He said it wouldn't be a problem once He had my ankles firmly fastened to the base. But it didn't work... yeah my feet were fastened to the base.. but i was still sliding downwards........ Sir let me step down and stand firmly planted on the ground. My wrists were fastened firmly to the chain dangling from the top of the easel. And Sir picked up the first toy.

It took - what seemed - forever for me to get into the mind set. i was shaking........ and i honestly don't know why. It just felt weird. People were watching then they walked away. And for some reason....... for the first time ever...... i felt embarrassed by my desire/need for pain............. which of course made it really hard to get into the whole process.

Sir was using the gorean whip (at least i think it was the gorean whip 'cause truthfully i wasn't looking - i had shut my eyes tight and was white knuckling the whole thing)

A hit with the whip went a bit wild and hit too high ........... my no-fly zone. Sir stopped and came over to rub the spot.. but that hit centered me.. the pain was very real and very bad............. but it focused me.. made me snuggle down and get with the program (so to speak) ......... weird how that happened... usually a bad hit like that bangs me down to earth with a vicious thump........ this time it had the exact opposite effect.

And so things went better. Floggers and canes and crops and quirts were used...... and i was past caring what people thought........... this was what i needed/wanted........ it just felt right........

When it was all over........... and i was down off the easel........... and dressed.. i was cold.. very very cold... Sir found a blanket and i wrapped myself in it..... i shivered and shook and couldn't get warm......... that is not a good feeling.... not at all.......... Mistress K came over and started rubbing my body .... fast and furious .. getting the blood flowing again.......... moving from my shoulders down my arms and body to my legs.. and working her way down even my legs......... i appreciated Her care........ but it made me feel awkward too......when Mistress K was rubbing my arms my face was pressed into her breasts and i was inhaling her scent..... and feeling damn awkward and weird and i turned my head so that i wasn't snuggled tight into her breasts...... and it felt like i was making a fuss.. i can't explain it......... but let's just say it added to the whole weird feeling.

Finally the heat returned to my body.......... and by midnight like Cinderella Sir had me in the car heading back to our hotel and the sweet comfort of a warm bed.

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Sir said...

I guess I goofed again and this time Lady Kay had to step in to save the day, thank Lady K...

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