Friday, February 19, 2010

This 'n that and then some

Things have been a little upside down around here.. starting with the weather... it is mid February and i had gone back to wearing shoes ......... SHOES..... to work. The snow was melting like it was March/April. The sidewalks were dry the parking lot was dry........... the sun has even been poking it's head out once in a while.. i was even contemplating get my car washed. Up here in the Great White North if you don't have a garage - which i don't - you do not wash your car in the winter............ well unless of course you don't need to get into it till the spring thaw.

Nice eh??

Till this morning. Winter is back......... snow, cold, boots, shoveling. ughhhhhhhh it isn't nice of Mother Nature to tease like that !!!


This week i was out running some messages for school......... was all finished up and was edging my way out of the parking lot when some stupid male a**hole decided to gun his car out of his parking space - without looking to see if he had the all clear. (don't tell me women drivers are the worst!! don't EVER tell me that) i slammed on my brakes / and horn at the same time ... so hard i was almost standing on my brakes and my shoulder and arm were shaking......... he pulled back into his space.. and then backed out again .. around the front end of my car.. giving me SUCH a look !!!! Honest to god i sat there shaking and finally the tears came............. two days later my back still aches .. my neck is still stiff and my right arm feels like i lifted way too many weights !!!

BUT my brand spanking new car is safe .. not a scratch on it...... (lots of salt and dirt - but no scratch !!)


Remember the old joke about masturbating?? that you will go blind?? and "can i do it just till i need glasses"??? Well February is my "go blind" month......... and no not from masturbating (i wish!!)

It is the month that i have to do the tax receipts for my families who use the " pay as you go" programs at school - from daycare to lunch program. It means hours of staring at spread sheets checking and double checking social insurance numbers, monies received etc etc..........

Yesterday i spent the morning at the Board on a training for the new tax program.. and tax laws....... (have i told you all how much i hate math and all related subjects to it?? ) Then i spent the afternoon staring at the spread sheets going blind.

And so it is.......... i have very little interest in coming on the pc.. even to play my farm game on facebook - or writing here on my blog. i just want to lie in a dark room in complete silence and shut the world away.

BUT on the bright side........ if i survive all these weeks of going blind - without actually scratching my eyes out....... or someone else's eyes out from frustration...... Next Friday night as the last receipt goes in the mail box.... i start Spring Break !!!!!!!!!!


Sir is here at the condo this weekend.......... i have barely planned any meals never mind done much cleaning.......... i hope Sir will turn a blind eye to the hair balls and dust bunnies........ hopefully my cheeky grin and wiggling ass will keep Him preoccupied.

And that is what is going on around here ............ this 'n that and then some........

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