Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The things i saw ...........

Ok........ so i promised to talk a little bit about the other scenes i witnessed on Saturday evening............

Early in the evening........ almost before everyone had arrived and said "hello" i noticed a sub standing by a bondage table naked except for a pair of lacy black panties. Sir was busy chatting and i was - i admit it - a little bit bored...... so i wandered over cautiously to see what was going on with the black lacy sub. What had drawn my attention was the Dom had something in his hand that looked pretty much like a pen (from where i was standing) but it was glowing.

When i got close enough to see....... but not close enough to disrupt their concentration...... i saw that the Dom had a small light fastened to his head with a strap (sort of like a miner's hat - but without the hat). The light was glinting off the metal scalpel he held in his hand. He was cutting an intricate pattern into her right shoulder. i was fascinated by the steadiness of his hand and his concentration. Every so often - after he had made a cut - he would press the skin together then pull it apart. Each cut was very small (maybe no more than 1/4 of an inch) and he never stopped to wipe up the blood. Actually i was surprised there wasn't more blood. The scene went on for about 30 minutes.... and then He had started needle play - making a pretty pattern down her back .. and then having her sit up and another pattern was created down the fleshy part of her breasts .......... i never did get to see the end result of the cutting pattern .. i wasn't brave enough to ask to see it up close.

A bit later on, there was a fire play scene. Now fire play has always intrigued me...... probably because i can never experience first hand (i am highly allergic to alcohol). Fire play always makes me wish i had my camera and could take pictures. It is amazing to watch.. and the leaping dancing flames mesmerize me. This Dom used a towel soaked in alcohol over his sub's body to prepare it..... and then he wore a heavy sort of glove that he must have dipped in more alcohol as he lit the glove fingers and ran them over her naked back. The flames burned blue with a yellow tinge. The sub purred - absolutely purred !!

After a bit the Dom had her roll over and he repeated the routine........ covering her body with the alcohol soaked towel, then running the flaming glove over her body........ his ungloved hand followed suit quickly rubbing the flames out. At one point he pulled the glove off - to rub his bare hands across her body - but the glove must have gotten a little 'warm' as he shook his fingers and blew on them. i have a feeling i had a very cheeky grin on my face - cause the thought i had was "serves Him right!!"

After he had caressed her body and kissed her (and i am guessing - after his hand stopped burning) the glove went back on and the flames were soon dancing over breasts..... belly and down over her shaved pussy. One hand spreading the flames the other hand following quickly behind rubbing them out........... except...... he was moving faster and faster.. and the flames were burning so pretty on her pussy - his "put out" hand ran over the flames and moved up to her belly - but the flames on her pussy weren't out............. and she shrieked. Talk about an "ooooops" moment. That was the end of their fire play scene as he pulled her up into his arms smothering her face with kisses and whispering in her ear.

There was just one other scene that i watched for all of ...... ummmmmmmm.. two minutes maybe. There was a male sub tied down to a table.. and two Dommes had done some cock torture ... fastening chopsticks tightly over his cock and his balls....... and then they were taking turns hitting the chopsticks and cock and balls with crops. i am always fascinated how the penis seems to have a life of its own.... rising to the occasion..waving back and forth......... flopping back down ....... only to rise again with the next hit.

And that dear friends and readers are "the things i saw"...........

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