Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Madness

Last evening at 5:00 p.m. sharp i started my "spring break". This morning i slept till 6 (yeah yeah that's sleeping in for me !!!) and am having my coffee leisurely here at my pc. i am on Spring Break !!!

i have a list of "to do's" over the break - like finally sorting out all my books .. organising them and getting them back on the book shelves in some sort of order. It is my favourite room - yet it seems to get lost in the hustle and bustle of every week cleaning....... books get tossed onto the shelves once read........ and it becomes the storage space for Christmas presents (cause no one else but me ever goes in there !!) and Birthday presents........ and bits and pieces that i have no idea where to put them. So it is time to get into that room and make it my reading room once again.

i also want to launder the curtains in the house ........ and make the spider webs disappear (they have appeared like magic over night and grace the tall corners in nearly every room)

And my mind is whirring with snippets of ideas for programs for March - for my kiddies at school. Did you know March has numerous weird sort of celebrations??
Like earmuff day - and paper money day - Alexander Graham Bell's birthday - International Woman's Day ........... but the best day of all is ........ Dr. Seuss's birthday !!! So i have named the theme for March - March Madness !!!

But for now............ i will recharge my batteries ....... clean out the cobwebs and bring some fresh air and spring into the house and into my soul...... and on Wednesday i will take off and go stay with Sir for 5 days....... 5 DAYS !!! and who knows .......maybe just maybe i will post more regularly here.. come on!! dontcha all want to know how many cobwebs i have swept out of the house?? how many books i have sorted?? how many curtains i have washed??? come on ...... you know you wanna know !!!

Here's to March Madness ------------- and ----------- SPRING BREAK !!


Dae said...

It is a rare person who looks forward to washing curtains and sorting books.

At least I know I am no alone ;)Because that to me sounds like a fantastic SPRING BREAK!

Enjoy your time off!

Sir said...

you forgot about starting your new train layout..

Owner of morningstar

Scunge said...

March is also Crochet Month,I'm thinking of crocheting a thong set. My Sir has suggested it several times,often with a VERY cheeky grin.

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