Sunday, February 14, 2010

How do i love thee - let me count the ways......

There are all sorts of love poems out there.. written - probably - in the heat of the moment.

When i posted that i didn't know what to get Sir for Valentine's day - that screamed i want to kneel at Your feet etc etc.. a comment was left that i should write Him a love letter and read it to Him while He had me in the labia lifter........... well the first part was a good idea!!

That got me to thinking that sometimes especially during the rough patches one tends to have to look hard for the "love"..........and love can be so commercialized ........ just look at Valentine's Day........ duh !!!

Love for me is so much more than one day a year or only for the good times...... it is working through the rough bumpy times and coming out the other side stronger and more bonded to each other.

So i went looking for something that said "i love you - through the good times and the rough patches...

As i gave this card to Sir this morning - i give it you all now....... as a declaration of my love for Sir..... through the good times and the bad times...........

I will love You
on days when you are
perfect in my eyes.
and on days when i wonder
why you do the things you do.

I will love You
when you are the strong center that calms me.
and when you want to rest
in the comfort of my embrace.

I will love You
when you are confident
and proud of everything
that you stand for,
and when you need me to remind you
how far you've come,
and that there is no limit
to how far you can go..........

Now and forever
come what may
just as You are.......

i will love You.


Keagen said...

Amazing card. . . . . . . thank you for sharing.

Sir said...

All I need is you at My feet :-))

Owner of morningstar

ps: would have posted earlier but had computer problems

BlazngScarlet said...

Ahhhh .... what a beautiful expression of your love and devotion.
Like you, I celebrate Valentines Day everyday.
Love is ongoing ...

Happy Lovers Day to you & your Sir.

K said...

Congrats on finding the words I'm still looking for to tell HIM how much He means to me. Happy Valentine's day may the next 364 be even more special.

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