Monday, December 29, 2008

Honest Crap....

i was awarded (questionable term) the Honest Scrap award by dear Scarlet Wytch that she is !! (more like honest crap .. but that has been said before i see !!)

The rules for this look pretty easy:

1. List 10 honest things about myself (TRUE and interesting things - not just the color of yours socks!)

2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers.

ok here we go.........

1) i always wanted to be a teacher.. BUT.. i worked in business for a number of years before becoming a teacher.

2) i am extremely shy and don't much like going out to parties where i will be forced to interact with folks i don't know

3) i used to suffer from severe agoraphobia - went to therapy for a number of years and have more less beaten it......... (but i think it lingers around the edges of my life - which would explain my love of being safe at home and not having to go out)

4) i have never honestly believed i am very good at the job i do..... that i am just "fooling" folks.. i wonder after 20+ years of doing this job .. if i will ever believe in myself??

5) i am highly allergic to alcohol - in any and all forms - which means i am not allowed to drink.. shouldn't drink.. and though i never did drink much.. for some stupid reason i miss it !!

6) i am still labeled by those who know me pretty well as being naive and less than "street smart"

7) i still honestly believe in the inherent good in everyone

8) my favourite time of day is early morning - just before sunrise when the entire world is quiet........

9) i love quiet..... dislike televisions/radios and anything else that breaks the silence of my world

10) i never believed i was a very good mother......

ok.. now the part where 7 people land up hating me instantly.........

i want Buffalo, swan, kaya, noirkat, drakor, Mr. Upton Ogood (didn't think i would leave YOU out did you?? )and last but definitely not least Whitesnake.


Mr Upton Ogood said...

Uhm..actually, I did think you'd give me a pass. I guess you didn't get the memo about me and memes. I'll play this time...but only 'cause you asked so nice and also that gun to my head convinced to make an exception. :-P


littleone said...

Mr. Upton Ogood....

nope i didn't get the memo..... but i expect it is pretty much like mine concerning memes...... but hey.. tis the Season and all that right??

ok ok.. i owe you one..

Buffalo said...

I don't see how you could possibly believe #7, not with all the compelling evidence to the contrary.

I do not have one interesting bone in my body. Feel free to make something up.

littleone said...

Buffalo??? i can make up 10 things about YOU??? can i do it on YOUR blog?? LOL ohhhhhh pretty please??

swan said...

I think I could pretty much copy yours with the exception of the alcohol thing and have it be pretty close... Will that do?


Scarlet said...

Good job Morningstar! lol
Thanks for being such a sport and playing along ... even though you DID call me a bitch (which I soooo am!) ;D

You're amazing Morningstar, and I wish I could still believe in people, but I don't. People suck. lol

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