Wednesday, May 02, 2007

lotus blossom

My friend Cloud wrote a blog the other day about honour. It was a good post... a theme he often visits. Cloud is an honourable man .. an honourable Dom. We often share some stimulating conversations - especially on a summer's evening at an outdoor cafe sipping coffee.

In his post about "honour" he related this story:

"a story related to me many years ago of a Japanese warrior sitting in the middle of the aftermath of a battle with comrades and enemies strewn about him , his concentration was not on his wounds but that a lotus blossom had survived the carnage"

Then he speculated what the warrior had been thinking........ i haven't been able to get the imagery out of my mind.

The warrior is a fearful image...... in full battle regalia

and the lotus blossom is delicate and fragile....

Absolutely no match for his strength or power.........

It amazes me that the warrior would have even taken time to notice the lotus blossom - never mind study it. His adrenaline must have been roaring through his veins..... heart pounding... wounds throbbing. And yet .. he studied the lotus blossom.......

Yes indeed - what thoughts would have crossed his mind???

i would like to think that his breath would have caught in his throat... the beauty of this one delicate blossom touching something deep inside of him.. perhaps reminding him of a loved one at home... perhaps something more........ Perhaps it was a lesson to him on how Might does not always rule the day..... that sometimes a delicate touch or a soft word can do more than all the swords.. all the fire power.. that man has at his disposal.

Perhaps .. just maybe.. it was a sign to him that life and beauty survive the test of war and time... and will always be everlasting, if one only looks and sees.


Steve said...

This post reminded me of that movie, The last samuari,

I found it a thought provoking movie as is this post.

CLoud said...

Perhaps he just wanted to raise flowers

jelly said...

Lotus flowers blossom out of muddy water. They bring delicate beauty to not-so-pretty surroundings. Asian buddhist societies revere the lotus plant, for its ability to flower - clean and unmarred by the mud, out of bogs and swamps.

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