Monday, May 07, 2007


Saturday evening (after my nail adventure of the afternoon) we had a cabaret to go to.. we didn't know what to expect from the evening.. it was a fund raiser for the 78th Fraser Highlanders.. and it was their first attempt at a cabaret. We weren't expecting much.. especially when we saw that "poetry reading" was part of the evening's entertainment........ BUT.. much to our surprise the evening was enjoyable.. cold.. god it was cold.. The event was held in the old powder house of our historic fort (powder as in gun powder). A while back the powder house had been turned into a quaint sort of theater - for live plays. i loved the thick stone walls and the narrow windows ... you could almost feel the history in the building. And after the show - walking back to "civilization" through the trees .. beside a stream.. one could almost imagine the pioneer days... feel them watching you..... it was a fun evening !!

a view from one of the windows in the theater lobby

the theater lobby.

This weekend was truly our very own cabaret - from hot wax and knives on Friday to the quirt on Saturday and the Grande Finale was being strung up from the chains on Sunday afternoon.
Whips and floggers and chains oh my !!!!

In the picture collage at the end of this post are just some of the toys that Sir used on me over the weekend (i was blind folded on Sunday so honestly truly i am not sure of all the toys.. ) BUT take a close look for the chain flogger.. Sir rarely if ever uses that toy on me.. it is kept in the freezer and is more a mind fuck than anything else.. (i do so HATE cold) ....apparently the chain flogger was left downstairs and was readily available to Sir. Though it wasn't frozen - it was ding dang cold (from the coolness of the basement i guess) Sir put the handle of the flogger between my legs.. used the chains to pull it tight into my private pink bits.... ohhh how i complained and whined and pouted and even .. i think.. stamped my foot... COLD is just so unfair !!! BUT that didn't deter Sir.. no sireeeee !! He got this wonderful idea .. (did i say wonderful??!!) to insert the handle of said chain flogger into my pussy... and i was told to hold it there and not let it drop.

Now ladies and gentleman...... picture this if you please.........

The handle is made of slippy acrylic.. it is freezing cold ... and inside me.. INSIDE i say !!.. then to make the challenge even more interesting.. Sir picked up some of the more evil toys we have and went to work on my ass.. the backs of my thighs and my breasts.

i didn't drop it......... i don't know how i didn't.. but i didn't. i cried when Sir removed it - why i am not entirely sure.... from relief i think. i hadn't dropped it. Of course i was thoroughly rewarded with a good fucking and orgasm by this same flogger ....

Yup..... Life IS a cabaret ole chum !!!


rose said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Wax, knives- my most sensitive spot when Master uses His knife is right at the back of my knees. :). The quirt looks interesting. Master does not have one of them but has a nice stiff crop ( also used with horses) and i fell in love with that toy the very first time He used it on me.
That website you gave me has many many interesting toys and gadgets. Thanks again for that.
rose ;)

Sir said...

Next time littleone, W/we will have to try holding the acrylic chain flogger with your legs open and not letting it fall out....

Owner of morningstar
( aka littleone )

Buffalo said...

Beautiful building. You take excellent pictures.

M:e said...

in a twist to my usual saying......

'poor subbie, SUCH a hard life, what's a Master to do??!! ..weg

sounds like a good weekend....and I'm sure you warmed that chain flogger up very nicely!!

love and hugs xxx

littleone said...

Buffalo - i did not take the pictures .. it was Sir's photographic eye and ability that captured those shots...and Buffalo - You are being.. how shall i put it?? very well behaved these days??

rose: i was wondering if you belong to the DSSG or any of the main groups up your way?? ever been to the DSSG summer camp??

m:e..... i finally found you !! sometimes this medium is a refined form of hide and seek..... LOL.. i don't know why it took me so long to go looking !!!

rose said...

littleone, Never been to the summer camp but do belong to the DSSG and London yahoo group. Have been to Woodstock to munches and to London for play parties that Master Dark Angel has had.

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