Saturday, May 05, 2007

by candlelight

i love candles......... love may be too mild a term to describe it.. maybe.. i am obsessed by candles!! every room in my house has at least ONE candle - they hang, they sit, they float, they are big, VERY big, they are small.. they are shaped like flowers, like bugs, like snowflakes.. they are blue, white, brown, green, they are scented and unscented....

My candle holders are nearly as unique as the candles they hold... i have oriental style holders, i have glass holders, i have wooden lantern type candle holders, i have brass holders, i have crystal holders, i have plates holding candles.

i am obsessed with candles.

BUT i have one set of candles that are hidden away....... i have one set of candles that i don't light regularily.. i have one set of candles that ONLY Sir lights. These candles were bought in a shop that specializes in sex toys and BDSM toys... These candles cost me almost an arm and a leg.. but they are as good as they are advertised to be. They create a steady flow of molten wax... a steady flow !!! no drip drip drip.. time to catch your breath between drips.. no sireeee these candles don't do that.. they pour molten wax each and every time........ AND they are hot!! it feels as though the skin is blistering underneath.. but it never does!! Even the black candle does NOT blister the skin (black is reported to be hotter than all other colours)

These candles do not have a fancy or cute candle holder.. not brass or crystal .. no these candles are put in a makeshift candle holder that will allow them to burn down without burning the Sir's hands. This candle holder allows Sir to rest between large patches of work (and much screaming and moaning from me)

AND these candles have not been used in a long long LONG time............until last night.

After Sir had his way with me in the kitchen while i was making dinner.. bent over the counter top.. wham bang thank you ma'am... all the while i am "bitching" i am not in the mood.. dry as a bone.. ouch ouch it hurts .. then of course leaving puddles on the floor falling into Sir's arms laughing and feeling owned and focused........ after that .. and after dinner Sir had me fetch the plastic drop cloth and the candle !!!

i almost skipped downstairs to fetch... memory playing tricks on me.. only allowing me to remember the warmth of the after glow.. not the burning of the initial session.. not remembering the cracking and peeling of the wax on delicate body parts, tugging on hairs... worse than any bandaide being ripped off..

Then i was lying on the floor at his feet....... and He had that evil smile....... holding the candle just above my ass... (He said we could start on the back and move around to the front) feeling the hot wax - not dripping - but pouring down my ass, between the cheeks making me gasp .. shriek.. kick my feet and yell .......... loudly. Himself enjoying the pretty patterns he was making down my back around my ass cheeks, down the crack. Me feeling for all the world like my skin was blistering and me imagining it turning black from severe burns.. wiggling and screeching and pleading...........

Then flip over.. and time to do the freshly shaved pussy area and breasts.. and oh my god it burned worse on the freshly shaved areas... the nipples screamed loud (no wait that was me screaming when the wax coated the nipples and clit )

Then it was over.. and i was trying to breath again.. so sure i was blistered and burned .. and then .. the KNIFE..

the weight of this knife is enough to puncture skin.. this knife is sharp enough to slice off a layer of skin without any effort....... this knife scares me to death.. and it is always this knife that is brought down to remove the wax.

Sir takes his time.. slowly methodically removing the wax from my body.. from my most delicate bits .. reminding me not to wiggle too much.. not to move too much.. "don't breath or cough" so i don't lose a nipple or clit..

Slowly and methodically the wax is peeled from skin and dropped onto the plastic drop cloth..... my body is relaxing into the welts the knife is raising down my back....... Sir spreads my ass cheeks to make sure he gets every little bit of wax........ and i purr.. much like one of my cats......... i purr with contentment.

And all is well with the world on this friday night.


Anonymous said...

Now see what you do. I get done reading this and the first thing I think is "I wanna do some wax play tooooo".

But I remember the burn. I remember forgetting that it

I also know what comes after. Darn.. isn't there a way to get from point A to point C without having to do the painful Point B??

We need to work on that. ;)


Buffalo said...

How does the color of a candle affect the heat at which it burns?

littleone said...

Buffalo - truthfully i don't know.. i do know white burns less hot.. and the darker the dyes in the candle the hotter they burn......probably a chemistry thing.... and i never did take chemistry !!!

Also - bees wax candles are a definite NO NO.. as are scented candles... they say (the proverbial "they") that the cheaper the candle the safer.. emergency candles are supposed to work well.....

CLoud said...

I did not realize there was a black out last night. Go figure had I know I might have asked to come over and roast some marsh mellows.

As for Color affecting the candle well the depending on what is used to provide the colour means it will melt at a higher temperature. Thus the molten wax is hotter. Some say that the colour causes it to adhere to the skin more that is not true an urban legend it all has to do with the heat and how long it takes to cool.

Hey little one if there is another black out perhaps I could bring hot dogs, buns and of course carrots , you know how anal I am about my vegies. I am sure Sir could find a place to keep the hot dogs warm while we roast the buns. Oh the carrots where woudl we keep the carrots?;)

Anonymous said...

The color itself really doesn't matter, it's what technique was used to make the candle that color. The "dye" used to create the color can sometimes need a higher melting point, which of course creates a hotter drip. That's why typically a plain white candle is "cooler", it has no dye in it.

Same with perfumes, or any additive. It effects the necessary melting temperature.

Generally the harder the wax, the higher the melting point. Emergency candles, or cheaper candles, are soft wax which equals a lower melting point. Beeswax is a very hard wax and requires one of the highest melting temps. Taper candles, or candlesticks like used on a dinner table run about the same temp (or close to it) as beeswax. If you compound the taper candle with an added dark color, like red or black, you're talking seriously high melting points.

The best candles, and cheapest, that I've heard of are the ones like these: It's a pretty low melting point, they pour very nicely and last quite awhile. Usually you can find them in a grocery store in the "ethnic" food section.

/end useless info. ;)


SeaRabbit said...

I'm absolutly jealous... No matter if we are now moving on on some intersting new areas... I'm am still jealous of your wax evening... and the removal by knife...Arghhhh!!! I need some now!!!!

Anonymous said...

littleone, Thanks for bringing back some memories for me too. Been two years since Master did something similar to me. By the time He was done i was writhing on the floor in a puddle *eg*. We didn't have the special kind of candles you wrote about but i now plan on finding some for the next time Master decides on this form of entertainment ( for Him) and sexual frustrating enjoyment ( for me and Him lol)
rose from the Great White North CA too.
By the way where did you get the candles if i may ask??

littleone said...

rose - how exciting that you are from the "Great White North" too !! it would be even more exciting if you are driving distance from us.....

the candles were purchased in Ottawa at Venus Envy.. their url is:

unfortunately i just spent about 10 minutes trying to find THE candles with absolutely NO success.... but then maybe ?? i am just not looking in the right places...


rose said...

Thank you so much for the url i will try it out in the next few minutes. Can hardly wait to tell Master about it.
Well if you are from Ontario i am likely within shouting distance but then it takes 24 hours to go from where i live to Kenora lol. Live close to a city called Brantford. To the west is London, east is Toronto, south is Simcoe and north is Kitchener/ Cambridge area. :)

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