Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Holiday that was....

It is ....to my amazement... January 2nd 2007. Somewhere .. somehow .. the first week of my holidays passed in a blur of entertaining... of meals to prepare and dishes to clean up..... it was fun but it was exhausting. i even managed to fulfill my self imposed commitment to Holidailies and posted 31 times during the month.

Today more than anything i wanted to take everything down.. every candle .. every wreath.. every santa.. every piece of tinsel and greenery, and turn my house back into my quiet orderly home. However....... in mid December .. when the excitement and goodwill and cheer were running hot through my veins.. i invited all my staff from school to dinner on January 4th! (yeah yeah shoot me now !!) So the decorations will stay up for another couple of days..... and i have one more meal / event to get ready for. But my heart and soul is ready to hibernate.. to shut down and lock down and hide till spring. Have i told you all i absolutely HATE winter??!!! My need to socialize has been fulfilled.. i need my center.. i need my routine.. i need my quiet back.. thank you very much !!! (i must indeed be getting old)

Sir and i hosted our Annual Kinky BDSM New Year's Day Open House yesterday. Sir and i have mixed feelings about the event. People didn't rsvp (why was i surprised??!!) and only about half of the invites came. Has everyone given up BDSM for the hoidays?? for life??

We were talking .. a little bit .. last evening about the number of folk who have passed through our lives.......... and disappeared. BDSM wasn't what they were looking for.. vanilla life beckoned...... and in a blink of an eye they were gone. (not forgotten - but most definitely gone). i remember a few years back - after a particular legal scare - talking to a submissive who said she and her Dom were going to disappear from public life .. at least until their children were grown... and something she said bothered me then.. bothers me today. She said "that the people who called themselves friends - would not be hanging around much longer .. that BDSM was all they had in common.. and they weren't really "friends" in the true sense of the word 'friends'. And i believe she was right......... the "friends" that have gone poof in our lives proves that. Just ships passing in the night...

Gets me thinking ... what are friends except folk you share a common interest with??? and when that common interest is gone...... so is the friendship. What is there to talk about - the weather - the state of the nation??

ugh.......i am being maudlin. i HATE being maudlin!! It is time (well on Friday) to pack up the holiday and store it away for another year........ and time to curl up and dream of summer and secret gardens and all the good books that await me.


Buffalo said...

The word "friend" is as over-used, and improperly used, as is the word "love."

Many, most, of the people we call friends are long term acqaintences whom we deign to call friend because it sounds so much more meaningful than "acquaintence." These are the people with whom we share a mutual interest and when the interest is gone so are they.

I have, and have had, a number of people in my life that are good acquaintences - so good they are right on the cusp of what I define as friendship. And I have watched most of them slowly fade from my life. There is no animas. On the very rare occasion we link up we are glad to see each other.

For all that begins there surely must be an end.

Anonymous said...

i think that things change in your life and that you may not contact friends in the ways that you used to because of different reasons ... but a friend that comes into your life and reaches your heart you never forget ... and you think of always even if it is just in your own way.

many times one may miss greatly what they once used to have ... in order to sacrifice for what they now have ..

make sence .. i don't know

CLoud said...

Friend is a title some times used in aprropraitely for those that share a moment or a singular interest.

I can count on my toes the number of friends I have. As you know less than fingers. We might start with a shared moment but then friends share good and bad times. A friend never goes away they might not be seen or heard from but when needed they are there.

SO at least for me people that I know go and come friends are always there.

your friend

Princess said...

Just dropping by to say a much needed hello. It has been a long time since I last posted and finally felt able to start journaling again. I have not had time to read all that I have missed and hope that all has been well for you.

littleone said...

i want to thank you all for your thoughts on "friends" i think i knew all that.. just sometimes it makes me a little sad to think of all the people who have come and gone through my life....

and princess welcome back to blogging!! i will be around soon to read your latest writings..

RAheretic's swan said...

Whatever we call people, they can become important companions on the journey. We miss them if they suddenly, or even slowly, drop from our lives. I don't know... it is like so much else, we can't hold on to things. They come and go as they will. The lesson is that we have to treasure what is here right now.

Thanks for being a right now treasure.


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