Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stormy weather

Well it isn't any secret that we have been having particularily hot weather... hot?? god worse than hot!!! Yesterday with everything factored in .. the temperatures here in the Great White North hit 43 degrees celsius or 109 degrees for my American neighbours. Now .. when you get heat like that a thunder storm is never very far behind.......... have i told you i HATE thunderstorms.. i just want to hide under my bed.... trust me when i say .. that is exactly what i should have done last night !!

The storm was ugly (in my opinion). There wasn't a break in the lightening strikes.. the sky was an ugly colour .. the wind howled... trees went down.. roads flooded and of course the power went off... i survived.. or at least i thought i did...

This morning i had power but no air conditioning and no television... i had this eerie feeling that the crash i heard last night on the roof was my satellite dish disappearing. Now who ever heard of a satellite dish disappearing!!?? It was just my imagination right??? Wrong........ being me i couldn't shake the feeling there was something majorily wrong so i went outside to take a look... no dish on the roof.. now do not ask me where the hell it is .. cause i have no idea!! i am hoping against hope it is just lying flat and that is why i can't see it. BUT the problems don't end there.. i called the tech line and told them my problem... (this is the same company that has owed me a credit for over 8 months and trust me when i say i am fighting mad !!) i managed to get a tech who was having a bad hair day.. and i am guessing (forgive the expression) someone peed in her cherrios this morning.. cause she was none too helpful.. snippy even... ok ok she was downright rude. The best she could do about getting me a tech to take look was a week......... a week!!!!! Hang on a minute here... a week???!!! It took less time to come and install it .. then to come back a few months later and fix the original installation... grrrrrrrr.. my blood was boiling.

Sir had the name and phone number of the Vice President of the offending company. i was on my last nerve so i wrote a nice firm letter explaining ALL my problems and asked quite politely why i shouldn't switch to their competitor. Then i called him.. then i asked for his fax number.. then i went out to find a fax machine... then i came home and called him again 'cause his fax line wasn't working!! i asked for his email (why i didn't do that at the beginning is beyond me!!) i sent the email... i went to buy groceries in heat that is building to another storm.... then i came home.. then i got a phone call from some executive or other .. who said he would fix all my problems... do i feel comforted??

Now the tech will be here Friday morning to fix the satellite dish (hopefully if it is there) and my long overdue credit will be on my next bill (i will believe it when i see it)... However i did get the air conditioning working and the house is finally liveable again..

Oh yeah.. did i mention i went to work on the web site for my private business and royally messed that up???? It is now 4:30 and i haven't written an entry to the Fictional Journey yet either...

did i mention last night i should have hid under my bed???

i HATE storms...

(off to write yet another entry in the Fictional journal... otherwise i will have Sir to deal with and that is worse than power blackouts, lost satellite dishes, web sites that get screwed up AND summer heat!)

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anna said...

Sorry about the tv and air conditioning not working. J finally caved and picked up an a/c unit yesterday. And I'm sorry you hate storms... I'm one of those people who loves them. They make me want to strip off my clothes and run out into the storm naked.

I hope everything is resolved Friday.

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