Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Stocks..

Over the years i have seen stocks in various dungeons but have never had the opportunity to play on any. Imagine my surprise when i saw a set of stocks at camp!! And Sir being the kind and loving Sir that He is.. promised to have me in them before the weekend was over.

We had a trial run on Friday afternoon.. Sir just had me try it on for size so to speak. i made a BIG mistake by showing Him that i could pull my wrists right out of the holes (nice to have small wrists!!) . You could almost see Him making mental notes.

Friday night when we entered the play tent .. as fate would have it.. the stocks were free. It was also freezing cold.. so cold you could see your breath !! even though they had propane heaters going full blast. Sir had me strip off my sweat shirt and put on my cuffs. Then head in the hole.. wrists in the other holes and down came the bar. OUCH!! now with the cuffs on, the overhead bar didn't quite fit properly and i got a nasty pinch on both wrists.

Once Sir had me fastened in tightly.. He reached around and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants... and let them just fall to the ground. While He was busy doing that.. and the goose bumps were rising like erupting volcanoes all over my body.. i was trying to sort out the mess i had gotten myself into. i tried to lift my head - forget that !! tried to wiggle my wrists - forget that one for sure!! Sir had clipped the cuffs to an O ring on the opposite side!! i tried to turn my head to look for/at Sir and of course i couldn't. i was securely fastened in.. and scared to death.

i remember Sir starting with a flogger. GOD!! He was swinging that flogger and the breeze He created with the falls just about froze my ass off. And i thought a flogging was supposed to warm you up??!!! with teeth chattering i endured. That is the best way i can put it.. i endured. The stocks were my nemesis and i was going to have to come to terms with them. i knew in my heart i could let the panic overcome me and Sir would have had me out of them in a flash.. but something inside me made me perservere. A few times when a stroke went astray i tried my damnedest to signal to Sir..... i banged my wrists/fists up against the cross bar. A couple of times Sir came and stroked me and made sure i was ok.. a few times He came around the front of the stocks to talk to me.. all i remember was endurance. i was NOT going to let a set of stocks break me.

And i did it!! i got past worrying about the cold and the awkwardness of the stocks and really got on top of everything that Sir was dishing out.. and it was amazing !!! Even the cold seemed to melt away. When Sir was finished He pulled up my pants Himself and managed to button and zip them before letting me out of the stocks. Good thing too.. cause as i remember it.. i don't think i would have been able to stand too well on my wobbly legs.


One other thing happened on Friday night before Sir took me off to bed... a Top who had been playing with Her sub earlier, got talking with Sir.. showing Him Her toys. There were 2 items that had caught both Sir's and my eye. One was a small wicked looking whip and the other was a triangle strip of leather, that also looked very nasty. The Top volunteered to show Sir how each worked and was demonstrating on Her sub. i was wiggling and drooling .. So with permission i replaced Her sub and She had a go at my ass with the whip. At one point i said to Sir "can You have Her go a little harder please??" And both Sir and the Top laughed and wow did She go a "little harder" She raised some real nasty welts on my ass - but all i remember was the glorious feeling!! It started deep inside my lower belly - a heat that just radiated downwards making me drip. i whispered to Sir later on, that i could have cum just from the whipping.
She also used the leather triangle on me as well. i rather liked that one, as She kept one hand on the small of my back while She was using it. And the small of my back just makes me go weak kneed.

It was an amazing experience for me... to have a complete stranger have a go at me.. and to Her credit She made me feel very safe and relaxed the whole time.

Shortly afterwards Sir took me off to bed............ and i had butterflies anticipating what would happen on Saturday.................


Anonymous said...

Master has a big interest in stocks and I do not. They scare me. Total immobility scares me,because dang it, I like to wiggle away when it hurts! I don't see alot of wiggle room in stocks. So good for you for enduring! :D

I'm curious what the leather triangle was? Do you have a picture, or think you could find one on the web? The whip too, for that matter. (if you want and when you have time)

I also wanted to drop a quick note and let you both know that I hadn't forgotten about the chopstick challenge. But you know how crazy it's been around here -when He's been home at all. But we will persevere!! And we're gonna win this one. :P

How cool is it that you met Calvin and June?? I love those two! How did that happen? I thought you were in the Great White North of Canada! I feel so left out. :(


darlingina said...

stocks, interesting indeed. i'm glad you're feeling better. Thank you again for the knowledge you continue to share thru your experiences with Sir here in your posts. Peace & be well.
Hugs, ~gina~

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your latest mental acheivement. : ) it truly was a pleasure meeting both you and your Master ........till next n

dragonssas said...

"How cool is it that you met Calvin and June?? I love those two! How did that happen? I thought you were in the Great White North of Canada! I feel so left out. :("

Kaya, don't feel left out, I am sure that one of these days we will head out to the midwest Master's dad owns property in the midwest and I guess someday we will be required to check up on it. btw Master is from the even greater white north Alaska

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