Wednesday, August 16, 2006


"we interrupt the regularily scheduled programming to bring you this news flash..........."

Contrary to popular opinion i am human... i make mistakes.. i screw up.. i am not perfect.

i have lived my life .. well 90% of it.. worrying about "would haves" and "should haves" and "could haves" .. i am trying very hard to break that bad habit. So yeah sometimes i screw up.. BUT .. my screw ups are never ever intentional.

Should i have communicated better with Sir during my sub drop period?? of course i should have.. could i have ?? no not a chance.. why?? because damn it.. i didn't know what was wrong... pointe finale.

Should i communicate better in other aspects of my life.. with Sir.. with my family.. with my friends?? of course i should. Do i?? not all the time no.. why?? because i am human and sometimes i just plain screw up!

now.. as my grandmother used to say frequently.. "ye who is without sin cast the first stone" no one is perfect.. all any of us can do is try and improve.. strive for perfection. i am learning from my mistakes.. this is after all just a journey.. not the destination...........

now we return you to your regularily scheduled programming which will resume tomorrow - with more tid bits about our weekend camping trip..

(for your viewing pleasure i have posted some pictures to the photojournal - see link on right of screen)


annissa said...

*big tight hugs*

RAheretic's swan said...

As always, those who actually DO this "get it," and those who do not DON'T. No apologies are needed or necessary on your part. Relax, breathe, it IS a journey... Don't let anyone tell you how to walk it.

Hugs, swan

Reflections and Ruminations said...

I'm not sure what you are apologizing for. You're a human being with feelings...and no one is perfect. Besides, isn't that why you get those feelings out???

I respect the fact that you even have the guts to talk about it. You know I admire you deeply...and big hugs to you.


anna said...

Hmm... Perhaps I'm having a moment of paranoia, but I'm wondering if this post might be (at least partly) in response to a comment I left on your last post and/or on your Sir's last post. If it is, then you know how to contact me to address any issues.

This might come across sounding harsh, but please know that there is no harshness in my tone. I don't think it's good enough to blame mistakes on the fact that we're human and just shrug our shoulders. When you make a mistake and later identify that mistake, it's time to learn from said mistake and do better next time. Would you be happy if your Sir just shrugged his shoulders and said "oh, it's ok. You're human" whenever you screw up and just leave it at that without correction or discipline or punishment? I doubt that very much. I think you'd probably be disappointed that he didn't care enough to correct you and help you become a better human. So it shouldn't be unreasonable to expect the same of yourself. I think you care enough about yourself and your Sir (at least I hope you do) to be better. Live and learn.

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