Thursday, August 10, 2006

A list

Sometimes i am a mess.. (like none of you realized that one!!!) i am sitting here staring at the computer screen with a list a mile long of things to get done today..
1) organise and pack clothes for the weekend
2) change the bedding on the bed before Sir arrives - i like Him to have fresh sheets each week..
3) run to the grocery store to buy last minute food items
4) run to the dollar store and find HUGE bowls for the salad i am bringing to camp - to feed 100 people??!!! do they make 'em that big???
5) organise sort and pack toys that we will be bringing to camp
6) run to the bank and try and decide how much money i will need for the weekend and if that much is in the bank to take out... (sick cats and check up appointments at the vets for said cats put a BIG crimp in the budget .. trust me!!)
7) run to Cloud's and pick up His toys to store here..
8) shower and do all the stuff needed to do to one's self before one's annual check up - why .. WHY.. did i schedule that just before going away??????
9) go to the funeral parlor and visit with dear friend and his family - and try very hard not to weep

i KNOW once i get through today that things will improve.. Sir will have us on the road tomorrow at the crack of dawn... we will get to camp and we will have an adventure.. i know once Sir gets here everything will be under control .. and if it isn't He will make it so. Simple as that!

Oh yeah.. one bit of good news for me .. Sir has decreed that i only have to do one entry per week in the fictional journal from now on...... only one.. gee lucky me... never mind i had totally and completely run out of themes / ideas.. and absolutely no one is giving me any starter ideas.. no one has any fantasies they would like to see me play with???

ok ok.. now.. i really do have to start tackling the list of "to do's" so... while we are away over the weekend.. everyone play nice.. share.. and take care of each other.. i will be back Monday with a review of the camping weekend................


anna said...

Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend. I'll do a "no rain" dance for you.

J and I are going camping next weekend - although it won't be bdsm camping; a vanilla camping trip for us. Nonetheless, it'll still be nice to get away.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! And when you get back it will almost be time for school! YAY!!



Anonymous said...

um...try 6 hours before you're leaving realizing you can't find your passport.

- r/o

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