Wednesday, August 23, 2006

THE exercise

Sir and i were having our usual evening chat on Monday evening.. and kaya (a fellow blogger) came into the conversation... mainly cause Sir was sending me videos of sessions with her Master and i couldn't get over how much she giggles through them..... Sir said it was something He noticed as well... Anywayyyyyyyy one thing led to another and i - stupid me - asked Him if He had read the blog about hairbrushes.. (i am always delicate when discussing sexually things.. ) and He went to take a look.. i was busy saying how much it must have hurt.. and how DID she manage to get it all the way in.. stuff like that.. stuff no subbie should think never mind mention to her Sir... and the next thing ya know.. i have a task for Tuesday.. buy a hairbrush exactly the same and try it out!!! i even tried to wiggle out by saying it wasn't fair to ask kaya to go out and get me an exact same copy of her hair brush.. to which Sir answered "you KNOW what I mean!!"


Life kinda got in the way of finishing both the task and the blog entry.. Here it is Wednesday already........ i did manage to purchase the hair brush and came home actually excited to try the exercise.. If kaya could do it .. so could i.. was my thinking.. i was even so sure of myself.. i asked Sir if i might have permission to cum................. He said .. "ok BUT just this time!"

Welllllllll, let me tell you something.. orgasm was the farthest thing from my mind as i tried and tried to coax that sucker into me. i pushed i pulled i spread i scrunched up my face i even used KY and there was no way that hair brush was going all the way in!! i believe i got it one third of the way in when hope died. It just wasn't going in any further!! Now i am wondering did i wimp out or did it just not fit??? i am pulling for the not fitting answer... i said to Sir in my email report that i am sure i am turning back into a virgin!!!

So kaya..... my hat's off to you .. you take the hairbrush challenge hands down .. as far as i am concerned.. (now what Sir has to say about the whole issue is a completely different kettle of fish)...


CLoud said...

You know practice makes perfect (he he he)and no you cannot ask me to try just not in me anymore as you know( hmmm maybe you would like to try jacks see my blog perhaps it might be easier)

Anonymous said...

I don't always Mostly I do but I'm too ashamed(?) to put up the videos that have me crying and squealing like a peeled pig in them. And so far Master hasn't made me soooo.. you know how that goes. :D

But I do giggle alot.. and squirm! hehe.

I suspect you have the wrong brush. That must be it. I'll have to send you mine. *nod nod nod* It's my slavely duty. And no, no, you keep it. I don't want it back. Really.

(honestly, it hurt. Quite a bit.)


SeaRabbit said...

LOLOLOL... I'm now curious about that... I tried many insertions... because I love huge things... but a brush?? Aye!! Maybe I should try on my own... he will never think about such a thing... ;-(((
Yes... I'm pissed off again tonight!!!

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