Sunday, August 27, 2006

blurry vision

i love flowers.... all flowers... well with the exception of golden rod and ragweed... because like so many others i suffer from major allergies in the Fall thanks to those two plants! The school across the street actually has ragweed growing along the fence.. the fields and forests in my neighbourhood have them growing in abundance..and the island i work on is one massive field of yellow... i do not have a hope in hell of surviving the season unscathed.

The most frustrating part of the problem is .. i feel dopey all the time.. (no snide comments from those that actually know me!!!) my muscles are limp and useless, my brain feels like it is drugged (AND it isn't the drugs i am on .. cause i am not allowed to take the over the counter fixer uppers anymore) my vision is blurred .. so those pretty yellow flowers look pretty much like this...out of focus.. and blurry..

Actually life looks pretty much like that right now.. out of focus and blurry...... and i am so not a pretty picture myself.. my nose is red .. swollen and dripping.. my eyes are puffy and red and itchy.. ughhhhhhh find me a hole , let me hide in it until the first snow fall please!!!!!!!

i have never claimed to be rational.. so instead of staying safely inside with the air filters on yesterday.. Sir and i went off to the great outdoors .. to sit amongst the pretty yellow flowers and cheer on my grandson's soccer team (well it was their final tournament of the season .. what is a granny to do!??) By the time Sir got me home i was a dripping, sniffing, blobbering (yes yes crying is not advised when one's nose and eyes are runny and itchy!! but insanity also comes along with the allergy!) limp rag doll of a subbie.

However we did discover there is one side of my personality that is not affected by pretty yellow flowers.. not even one little bit... and that is my desire for pain. So.. last evening i was sitting absent mindedly playing with the new rod bundle Sir picked up at camp... slapping it against my thighs while Sir was watching television..

i looked up rather dopey at one point and said.. "no bruises" sort of pouty like.. to which Sir responded "you aren't doing it hard enough" and taking the rod bundle in hand, He proceeded to whallop my thighs... i was soon screeching and yelping and bouncing up and down on my pillow, laughing and begging Sir to stop. i even tried a trade-off.. my breasts for my thighs.. thinking He would find my breasts more fun than my thighs. Guess What!!?? Sir decided to do both .. thighs and breasts.!! Every so often He would lean down and ask me .. "am I having fun yet??" to which i would gasp.. "i sure as hell hope so Sir!!"

After dinner, in my allergy induced stupor .. (Sir was using the rod bundle on my ass now..during the advertisements on television - just sort of to pass the time) i heard myself asking if i might have permission to fetch the cane!!? Now that just proves i am suffering from more than blurry vision!! More like blurry fuzzy brain! So the cane was fetched, and the rod bundle put away for the time being. Every advertisement had me up on my knees - tshirt pulled up around my neck - ass exposed.. and Sir enjoying laying on more than a few with the cane.

Sir finished off the evening with a nice hand spanking ... just before He tucked His totally blurry .. sniffling subbie into bed for the night..............

does anyone know WHEN the first major frost is?? sighhhhhhhhhhh


Deborah said...

Hmm...interesting...I shall read more.

slut said...

Greetings littleone,

Thought i would come out from lurking, i found your blog through comments you have left on kaya's journal.
Your writings are wonderful, your descriptions just delightful and i find myself thinking we are a lot alike in many ways, i left a comment on your Sir's blog also as His writings and feelings are very close to that of my Master.
But more than rambling on i just wanted to thank you for being so open and giving a girl like me inspiration and hope, as i too struggle with many things, but have discovered that though we are all very similar as submissives/slaves we each have a uniqueness about us, but having said that we can also find someone who seems to mirror our thoughts and feelings and for the most part you do that for me, (now having rambled on).
Sometimes the blurry times are just what we need, sometimes we don't need 100% focus or clarity, sometimes we need not see what is before us, but rather rely on our other sense to guide us, just go with the flow and take and yes get (thinking about the lovely rod and cane).
Beside who needs clarity when there is fun and enjoyment to be had.
Anyway i hope your sniffles and such pass quickly.

Brightest Blessings.

Lady Baltimore said...

You poor thing. :-(
Can't the doctor give you anything for the allergies?

Sounds like Sir is doing what he can to make you feel better. ;-)

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