Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Gift of "seeing" (edited for clarity)

I have had the most amazing comments and support and I thank you all .. your words touched me in ways you can never know..........

BUT  yesterday I received a message from a chap I have met once (maybe twice). His words were supportive and strangely comforting.  I sent a message back - And then something happened - a bit like opening a gift and being totally surprised............

A little back information first..........
Over the last year here I have begun to feel old - really old... comments to my face about how old I am - comments about being out of of myself that seem to ram home all those things - have brought me to the brink of despair - AND - believe it or not had me  actually looking at procedures like botax injections - and even going so far as pricing face lifts (none of which I can afford) and because I can't afford them - just sent me spiraling even lower.

I have felt myself growing invisible.

BUT in the last message from this chap - he pointed out no matter how this affair (Ok editing out 'affair' because of the possible misunderstanding ) 'journey' may turn out - I have good friends to help me through -

he pointed out some of my traits......... mostly cerebral - but I needed to hear them and at the very end of the message - to lighten the mood a little - he added "and you have a great rack" 

I laughed out loud.

And I found my spirits lifting.............. yeah I know he was just making me smile - but for the first time in a long long time someone had noticed me!  I felt like a woman again.. a sexual being - not so invisible anymore.

And it was an amazing feeling and an amazing reminder...........
I am a woman and age and wrinkles and being out of shape and a little overweight can't - WON'T - change that! 

Thank you


  1. You are an amazing woman babe, and no matter where this journey may lead you, that will always remain so. As far as age goes, ..somethings and some people only get better with time. I've been following you for a long while now, and I hope yo are able to see within yourself the amazing person that we all are able to. Keep your head up babe. You're a treasure.

  2. Anonymous11:03 am


    On another note, your realization is wonderful.

  3. @Anonymous

    Not that kind of AFFAIR - sheesh!! Affair meaning the events/life I am going through right now...

  4. Morningstar, I wrote that I would always be checking back and I am so pleased to see that you have returned.

    There is not much that I can say about the age thing because I am also retired. I am just glad that someone in your world knew exactly what to say. Keep writing and sharing I love you comments and your wit.

    Hugs, Sharon


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