Friday, May 05, 2017

Knocked off my feet

About 10 years ago I got shingles ....... it left a lasting impression on my mind (and body) 

I have been toying with the idea of getting the shingles vaccine for a while now.  Apparently you can get shingles more than once.  I do not want them ever again.  About a month ago I was picking up a prescription at the drugstore and saw a sign offering the shingles vaccine.  So I asked about it.  

You know for a vaccine that so many doctors and medical folks are pushing you'd think the cost would be reasonable.  WRONG!  It is $230 for one shot.  However the druggist pointed out to me that I had reached the 'magic' age where the vaccine was free and suggested I call my doctor.

So the other day when I went through the cancer screening -- I also opted to have the shingles vaccination.   I  had done my due diligence and checked out the side effects etc.  Don't you love when they say 'do not take if you are allergic to (whatever drug they are injecting you with)?? How do you know if you are allergic until you take it?

Anyway -- the side effects were mild -- some possible itching -- some possible swelling at the injection site....... so I had the vaccination.  Before I had left the doctor's office I was complaining how itchy my arm was.  I was told it was normal.

Wednesday morning I went to work -- but couldn't wait for the bell to ring to come home.  I was feeling awful and it was getting worse.

By mid-afternoon I was curled up on the sofa with muscle/joint aches - a mild headache  -- an upset tummy -- and an arm that felt like it was on fire.  By late afternoon I called the doctor's office.  The "mild reaction" was over the top and getting worse.  The nurse explained it sounded like I was the 1% of the population who were allergic to the vaccine.  Take tylenol and wait it out.  

I barely slept during the night.  My arm throbbed -- my body ached -- I felt miserable!  I called in sick to school.  I checked the injection site - it was angry red and swollen about 3inches across and 4inches long.  I applied ice and took Tylenol and napped........ rinse wash and repeat.

I WAS supposed to be preparing food for the weekend at the campsite -- I was supposed to be organising/packing bedding etc for the campsite -- I slept and ate crackers and felt sorry for myself.  The only positive thing is -- at least I won't be getting shingles which -- truthfully -- is much worse than this reaction to the vaccine.

I do think though that my visit to doctor's offices and vaccinations are way down on my priority list right now....... Sir Steve is all the medicine I need or want right now !


Blondie said...

Hope you are feeling better real quick

Anonymous said...

Ug. Glad you are doing ok! I have heard shingles is quite awful so good idea for a vaccination. I didn't even know there was one available, so thanks for the info.

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