Thursday, May 11, 2017


I didn't buy that ticket -- hell I didn't even want to go -- but I am in the middle of it -- smack dab in the fucking middle of games people play.

Sir Steve's ex is an expert game player - even before Sir Steve -- back when she was single and on the fringes of the group I hung around with.  I watched her games -- I made mental notes to stay the hell away from her.  I do NOT do games -- no one gave me the rule book ya know.  AND dear god nothing will make me react faster than someone playing games.

She played horrible games with Sir Steve's heart -- and even worse ones with their child.  The courts stepped in and took the child away from her and gave her to Sir Steve -- full custody!  She gets to see the child on weekends with supervision.

From our first time together I started to see how she plays games -- the child is allowed to call every time she wants to -- and every time the child speaks to Sir Steve the mother has to speak to him too!!  One weekend the number of phone calls was ludicrous.  Oh and mom can decide at the last minute she isn't taking the child -- or she can call and want early pick up.  Mom will call if the child acts up.  

Recently she has taken to posting pics of the child on FB -- memories from before -- and always tags Sir Steve in them.  At first I didn't pay much attention -- but ya know it's starting to get to me.  I know it's some sort of game she is playing -- she knows I am seeing the 'memories' the same as he is.

NOW -- this weekend -- the child is supposed to be with her mother -- at the campground.  Sir Steve tells me the mother is letting the 4 year old decide where she sleeps -- with mom or with Dad.  Sir Steve says it's a game says he won't play it. 

I am boiling - absolutely boiling.  This woman is single handedly driving me to distraction.  SHE can go away on a 2 week holiday when ever the hell SHE wants to -- SHE can decide SHE is not taking the child when SHE has a sore throat --  while we have trouble finding a weekend to ourselves..... while Sir Steve spent 2 weeks recuperating from surgery with the child ..... and the mom bitched about having to pick up and drop off over the weekend!

I am so fucking done with this nonsense!  

And feel so impotent!

There's nothing I can do..... nothing at all.
except maybe grind my teeth.  

Believe me when I say -- I am doing a lot of teeth grinding!


Mona Lisa said...

Please, don't!
This is outside you.
Don't get involved!!
It is What She wants.
Don't react, don't comment.
She Will give upp !!!!

SugarSack said...

Unfortunately its the blight of the "step parent" ; its hard and its infuriating however its the way it is... you will find your "peace" with it eventually .. not that you'll ever be okay with her games but the child is only 4 and you've got 14 more years of dealing with the effects of the mothers crap ... not saying it will get easier, but maybe your reactions will change... so sorry for your frustrations


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