Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2 Days and counting........

I swear my brain is gonna explode!  I am down to 2 days before my official moving date.  I spent all day yesterday running around getting the cable/internet ordered for installation in the new place -- buying a new dining/kitchen set --  changing my address on my health card and driver's license -- changing my address at all the important places like the bank and the governments........ Then realized I had left my information -- all of it! -- for my insurances in Kingston. 

BUT no major worries on the insurance -- the papers aren't packed -- and I am heading back to Kingston today to pick up Ashes.  She will move in with Sir Steve and the dog and the lil one till Thursday.  Hopefully we will ALL survive one more addition to the family.

My blogs may be short and sweet and maybe even scarce for a bit -- but as soon as I am settled -- I'll be back with my usual long rambling blog entries.  I promise!


thewomaninacape said...

Good luck! Have fun with it.

ronnie said...

Good luck with the move.


little monkey said...

So excited for you!!!!!

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