Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Adventure got even better

I am sure I have mentioned before that there are 3 of us subbies who meet almost every month for  brunch.  It started back when we needed a "support" group and has just continued along since.  One day we'll wake up and say " we need to talk" ... and then like magic we are brunching and laughing............. Well all that to say ... on Sunday morning we three little subbies had our monthly-ish brunch. .... which for me anyway (can't speak for the others - but I suspect it's pretty much the same)  is always good fun!!  we laugh and we talk and we solve the world's problems....
A few days before our brunch one of the girls - whom I affectionately call "mini me" - started a campaign to get me to go to a picnic munch that was being held down the highway from us. 

I seem to be less and less enthusiastic about going to munches for any number of reasons....... but "mini me" shot down all my excuses and on the Friday she shot down my last excuse - which was - "it's gonna rain" .  Point of information here - I do NOT camp or picnic in the rain.  (well I don't camp at all anymore - but don't picnic in the rain).  The weather forecast looked promising............ 

so after the brunch mini me and I came back here loaded up the car with chairs and food and headed down the highway to the munch.  The sun was shining my spirits were high - all was right with the world.

As we got closer and closer to the picnic spot the sky clouded over....... by the time we actually pulled into the parking lot for the picnic munch - it had started to spit rain.  OF COURSE it did !!!  as one of the organizers said - " we brought the rain with us".

BUT - on a positive note - the park had these huge covered pavilions - so we all gathered in one - set out mounds and mounds of food - watched the organizers grill up sausage and hamburgers ........... and to be truthful - despite the rain we had a GREAT time......... 

I came home feeling very blessed that I have special friends like my "brunch" friends and the wider group of folks who have welcomed me open armed into their community and honestly seemed please to have me attend events :)

The weekend ended on a very "up note".

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Anonymous said...


You hardly put up a fight ;-)

And I love our brunches. As you said, they are always perfectly timed.

mini me

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