Monday, June 15, 2015

My Adventure

Don't "they" say every day is a brand new adventure just waiting?? (or something like that)
So I had an "adventure" (see my tongue firmly planted in my cheek?) on the weekend.

When I was up in Ottawa at my daughter's place she does not have TV - can't see the point in paying all that money for cable.  So she bought a Smart TV and hooked it
 up to her computer and she watches YouTube and Netflix. 

I have to admit I got hooked - on Netflix.  

We have Netflix here - BUT - it is hooked up to W's TV.  I had asked if there was any way I could get it on the TV in the living room and was told no ......... don't have the proper equipment.

Well after one week of boring summer re-runs........ I bit the bullet and asked W about coming with me to purchase this Blu Ray player with Wiifi so I could order Netflix. 

That is when I  learned - that apparently I am paying for 1/2 of Netflix which I haven't been able to use - and that yes he would come with me to buy the equipment.

I got to the store first - and found a nice young man to show me the dvd players.  He showed me an LG and a Samsung.  The LG was 20$ cheaper.  I asked what was the difference - he said None (makes me wonder now - that I know what I know - if he got some sort of bonus for pushing the LG's)  

Anywayyyyy W showed up - made some comment about LG refrigerators catching fire .... I bought it and the cables needed (why don't they include cables??) and we came home.  Took W a few hours to set it up - it kept asking for passwords and he couldn't remember them - then finally it started to update the software...that took at least an hour!!!!

Finally it was working!

It would stream my show for about 2 minutes then stop to "buffer" .. over and over.  We tried unplugging and plugging the unit back in.  Didn't help.  W called the service department.

Now this is where you really need to pay attention!!!  The customer service department couldn't have cared less - and on top of that they were rude!!

Saturday found me back at the store with the LG all wrapped up to return .............. I was quite frank with the returns clerk about the reason it was being returned - never mind the fact it didn't work - but the important thing to me was how rude and dismissive the customer service department was!!!  I would NOT recommend LG products to anyone!!

I purchased a Samsung dvd player for an extra 20$ and guess what ??!!  In less than 30 minutes it was up and running perfectly - we didn't even have to call the service department (though I am sure - based on how well their product works - the customer service people would be just as accommodating and polite!!! )

So now I am able to use Netflix .......... and am enjoying finding all sorts of shows I have never watched - hell some I haven't even heard of!!  

And that was my big adventure for the weekend........ le sigh....... see how mundane and boring and vanilla my life has become 

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