Wednesday, May 13, 2015



As most of you know I have a passion for photography - well maybe not as much of a passion as I would like to think - as I tend to need some incentive to pull it out the camera and take pictures......... I am feeling as though it has all been done and there's nothing left.

Some of you might also be aware that I belong to a Photo Challenge Group.  Every two weeks a new challenge is put forth and we are supposed to take 5 shots based on the week's theme.  I have been remiss in the last month or so ...... between surgery and emotions my camera and the challenges have held no pull for me.

This week however - the leader of the group  is feeling a little under appreciated maybe?? there are apparently 200+ people in the group but only about 20 folks participate in the challenges.  He posted that this challenge was to see if folks wanted to keep the group going.  In order to answer that question our challenge was to post one favourite picture from the last year.  IF there are 50 photos posted then the group will continue.  I am pleased to report that as of yesterday there were 54 photos posted.

I had trouble finding one picture that I loved.  One that stood out for me.  There was one that has always called to me....... but I have never actually been able to use it because I was .. I don't know.. shy about posting it /exhibiting it.  It was from a photo shoot I did over a year ago...... I am not even sure I have posted it here.  I was sorely tempted - you have no idea how tempted I was - to post it as my favourite ...... despite it having a kinky undertone to it.....but I caved and posted this one instead....... 

 THIS is the photo that I would have loved to have posted.... I can honestly say it is my favourite picture.............

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Downunder Don said...

i am so glad the photos are back. I love the first one; simple, stark with a good composition and perspective. I guess the second one is more in keeping with the theme....a great portrait shot

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