Saturday, November 29, 2014

Celebration Lunch

Well I survived yet another doctor's appointment!!  Ya know - I went my whole life barely seeing a doctor (unless I was dying from some flu bug) but it would seem the older I get the more my body has decided to make up for all those healthy years.

The blood tests I had taken on Thursday came back clear.  My doctor said "you are as healthy as can be"........  I have all these health complaints but I am healthy (le sigh).

(though the specialist on Thursday did give me some new meds to help with the "woman problems")

Sooooooooooo it's all in my head - literally and figuratively.

W and I went out to lunch to our favourite hamburger joint - which is a huge step up from a "hamburger joint"...... and had a massive huge celebratory lunch...complete with milk shakes (they make THE best milk shakes!)

 Then we spent the afternoon poking around in some quaint lil shops picking up some Christmas stuff.

This weekend we I am going to finish the decorating - have to get the tree up!!! It's not Christmas until the tree is up.  AND get my ass back to the gym and 'our' asses back on the healthy eating program......... 

Life is good...........



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