Friday, November 14, 2014

Celebrate Life


Yesterday I had my 6 month scope to check for my bladder cancer.  AND I passed.  No cancer.  Next test in 3 months.

I did do a private dance of joy - shed a few tears of relief - and then came home.

But I can't help but wonder why I don't wear pink ribbons - spout off about cancer prevention - get involved in cancer groups - I don't feel like a cancer survivor - maybe 'cause I am waiting for some magic number of years that will make me feel like a survivor??

Do we ever survive cancer completely?? or do we just survive this battle and finally eventually lose the war??

Maybe for me this feels all too private a battle.  

And maybe for me I choose to celebrate life - today....... and for all the todays I have left.


abby said...

Today is all we really can count on....My mom had cancer...breast...30 years before she died....Do celebrate today's victory, one of many to come.
hugs abby

sharon Charles said...

Dear Morningstar,

The test results are wonderful news. Celebrate every moment!
Hugs, Sharon

Jay said...

Congratulations on your check up!

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