Thursday, January 06, 2011


I went looking for some pics....... the search I entered was "kinky sex" ... believe it or not this was the best image I came up with.  (honest !!!  there were no weirdos doing weird things to women ........ just lots of cutesy lil sayings .. and faces of hollywood stars...... go figure !!)

There was a time when Warren and I had "kinky" sex.  Usually in the middle of a beating.. sometimes though it had nothing to do with beatings.. sometimes it had to do with multiple toys.. or me cooking in the kitchen in front of the big window....... once or twice he even did some pussy torture - using clothes pegs or the labia lifter.  I did love the labia lifter...... though I guess it was a bit boring for Warren.. once applied there didn't seem too much else for him to do except enjoy my discomfort.  Though I wonder what it would be like if it was used in conjunction with an inserted vibrator........ ahhhhhh well the mind wanders off topic.

Since we have renewed our relationship (for lack of a better word) there has been no sex of any kind - kinky or otherwise.  (and for anyone interested - that means I have not had sex with another human for over 6 months!  Thank god for a toy box full of vibrators and dildos)

I had begun to think I was losing my desire for sex (to be honest) I have gone from needing/wanting/craving sex multiple times a week - to maybe once a week...... if the spirit moves me.  
Then I posted that picture yesterday.... and found my libido was up and running again.  I started thinking about all the perverted nasty lil things that could be done to one's pussy... how many orgasms I could (or couldn't have) ... I was becoming antsy (to put it mildly) 

Then last evening, I sent Warren an email - asking one question - a simple question - "Why can't I get that picture of the toothpicks out of my head?"  And his answer implied some interest ?? desire?? in getting into some medical play. 
All kinds of images danced through my head - the result was a restless sleep and a growing need.

Instead of "you me whipped cream handcuffs" I am thinking "you me handcuffs and pain" YAY baby !!  That makes for some kinky sex.

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