Sunday, January 16, 2011

running out of words?

I had a blog post ready to go up today....... about the snowy hazy Saturday... and how my thoughts were a little hazy... and then moved on (quite cleverly I think) to BDSM.

Later when I was running the blog post over in my head.... I realized it sounded like a repeat.  So I took it out of the "line up".

I have written - if anyone is interested - 1534 blog entries, over a span of almost 6 years.  And that isn't counting the Fictional Journey that I had up and running for almost 5 years - posting a fictional story once a month.

Eventually - I guess - one just runs out of words....or original thoughts - even unoriginal thoughts.   I suspect this "running out of words" is not a phenomenon that will last too long.  

I just need to plant some seeds - spread some fertilizer - and wait for the harvest of words............ 


Hermione said...

There's nothing wrong with repeating a good idea or thought. Most of us haven't read all 1,534 posts, and for those who have, they probably don't remember every one verbatim.

"If they liked it once, they'll love it twice." Dunno who said that, but it's true.


morningstar said...

thank you Hermione - that is excellent advise!!!

And I never answered your question about CSI yesterday......There were a number of shows that involved BDSM content and I was pleased at how accurate their portrayal was.. not as glitchy Hollywoodish as one would expect !!!

Sir said...

You must be saying something correct as you are number 1 over at the voting site ☺


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