Sunday, January 02, 2011

Romantic Weekend.........

Ok no description of our weekend away would be complete without pictures of our hotel room........ To be perfectly honest - it wasn't exactly what I had envisioned..... but it was ours for 24 hours.. a hideaway from the real world............ 

Living room

Sleeping area......
Such a comfy bed !!!

The view from our little "Juliette" balcony

We had a quiet intimate dinner at the Royal Oak and then back to the room to get dressed in our New Year's Eve finery before heading off to the club.

Miss Jenn (owner of Breathless) had really out done herself with the decorations... truthfully - they took my breath away.  The walls were covered with white sheer fabric - behind which were twinkling white lights.  There were hundreds of snowflakes hanging from the ceiling........ the food tables were covered in white table clothes with white netting hanging around them.  Most of the furniture was covered in white slip covers.  It was truly the right atmosphere for a "Snowball Gala".  

I was surprised by the average age of the attendees.... mostly early 30's.  I felt a little odd and a little out of place.  Warren and I really didn't know any of them.. and all our "old" friends were no shows.  BUT to the credit of the guests there, we were soon pulled into groups chatting......... and made to feel right at home. 

The big surprise for me was bumping into a young couple from Montreal.  To spare you all the boring details - the reader's digest version of this couple is......... she came out to a few of my "sub meetings" back in the day, and we got to know her Master.  I honestly didn't think much of them when they disappeared from our view.... they were young and busy.  But funny enough - not long ago I brought them up to Warren - wondering where they had gone... and wondering what they were doing now.  And lo behold they were at the Gala.  I was pleased and touched when they made an effort to come over to us and re-introduce themselves.  We got caught up on their news... and it was nice touching base with them.

I was getting restless - a little bit.  And asked Warren if we could go play - before the stroke of midnight.  (now that might have been a bit bossy - but I needed to DO something.......... and somehow having my ass beat seemed like a good something to do.)

I picked a massage table to play on as Warren had brought the knives and knife play usually makes me totally and completely weak kneed and I much prefer to be lying down than propped against some large piece of equipment.  
He started off with a blue rose leather paddle I bought him last Christmas.  From my vantage point it felt damn good.  But I sensed he was struggling a bit.  And he did say at one point that he didn't know what to use... as he stood surveying the collection of toys.  I said I was totally enjoying the paddle... and so he went back to it.  And the scene continued with whips and floggers and more whips and knives thrown in for good measure.  I was all wiggly and wet and happy and dancing with my fairies.  Not realizing that for Warren there had been a problem.  

Warren wrote about it on his blog "Mojo" If you have a couple of minutes perhaps you would go and read what he has written and if you have any experience/suggestions/ideas as to what happened or didn't happen you would let him know.  

After we played we had some snacks - why is it every time I play I get the munchies - just as though I was stoned ??!!  

Midnight found us wishing new friends and old "Happy New Year" ........ but best of all we wished each other Happy New Year - with a soft romantic kiss......... I honestly don't know if a "Happy New Year" ever meant as much as this one did .......... 

It was a grand party - a grand time away - and a GREAT start to 2011.

(talking about new years and new starts - I have decided it was time for a new look on "The Adventurous Journey")


Ordalie said...

Pity about the new look!

morningstar said...

you don't like the new look???

Ordalie said...

No, it's all right...except that I don't much care for the picture of the Japanese lady.

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