Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy Memories

Last week my eldest daughter sent out email invites to everyone for an impromptu sliding party on Saturday with a Tex Mex Pork Butt dinner afterward.  Everyone said "What fun" and marked it on their calendars.

Unfortunately yesterday Warren woke up to his cold/virus thingy back with a vengeance (I will NOT go into details) and he sadly had to back out.  But I was game - even if it was bloody cold and I had to eat off the "kid's menu" because I couldn't see Tex Mex Pork Butt being on my bland gall bladder diet.

So mid afternoon we all gathered at the local park for an afternoon of sliding.  My eldest grandson had received a snowboard LAST Christmas - and hadn't even taken it out of the box yet.  So husband of eldest daughter - a great snowboarding enthusiast - suggested the board come too and he would offer up a lesson or two.

It was an amazing time !!  I was busy clicking photos like some mad photographer - trying to catch everyone's expressions.  There was middle grandson's run down the BIG hill - with success - and his jubilant shout of AWESOME ! as he rolled off the sled.  There was the baby who kept pulling his mitts and boots off then crying cause 'damn this white stuff is COLD'  Eldest daughter's dogs were as good as gold - even the baby who tried climbing under everyone's coats 'cause damn it was cold!'

The snowboarding lesson went really well - one or two tumbles then eldest grandson looked like a pro on his board exclaiming 'how awesome is this!' (awesome seems to be the word of the week)

But as I stood there watching all the frivolity my mind was suddenly flooded by memories...... of being bundled up and skating and sliding with my cousins on a cold January Saturday - some 50+ years ago.

My dear Aunt Olive and her best 'friend' Miss B would organize skating/sliding parties every year after Christmas for all the children in the family.  We would skate and slide till our toes froze and our cheeks were rosy red.  Then back to their house for hot chocolate and supper, and some games.  I hadn't thought about those parties for I don't know how many years now.  But yesterday's party brought those warm fuzzy memories spilling back.  

I am sure Auntie Laura created the same warm fuzzy memories for her nephews that will last them a lifetime too....... Family and memories - there is nothing more precious !!

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