Tuesday, January 04, 2011

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I admit it I love quizzes... you might even say I am addicted to them.  Most of the times the quizzes I take are pretty much dead on.  It always fascinates me how dead on they are... makes me almost believe in them.

The other day I found a different sort of quiz. This quiz promised to work out if you were submissive, slave or bottom.  AH HA !!!  The definitive answer to what I am !!!  How could I NOT take it??!!!!!

So I loaded up the quiz and answered all the questions.  The result was not what I expected... so I took the test again...... and got the same answer..... 

Curious to know what it was??? 

"The Caged Animal
Like a wolf in the zoo, you are untamed, but captured. You won't do chores and you don't like pain, but you enjoy being made to behave.
Hey! You scored 47% Service, 50% Pain, 59% Ownership and 59% Force"

UGH !!!  originally I thought the result said I was a service sub...... but now that I have re-read the results I realize it doesn't say that at all.. It says a whole lot more.... results that are confusing the hell out of me.. 

Untamed??? enjoy being made to behave??? 59% ownership??  47% Service?? 

I thought I had it all worked out.. thought I was a bottom.. thought I would never ever do service again.. thought I was a masochistic pain slut.... thought I was an independent woman who might even dabble in domming again.  

UGH!!!  just when I thought life was falling into place........ 

It seems I am going back to the drawing board.......


abby said...

i rated "naughty slave". They got the naughty right! abby

swan said...

I cannot look... Too many things in the air right now. I am afraid to know any more. More might just crush me out of existence.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Well you know those surveys must be right. lolol It might be that those surveys are complete crap and don't really measure what they say they measure and their results mean nothing. Don't doubt yourself. :)

drakor66 said...

you know being a bit of a lot things still only makes one person. Enjoy the diversity and have fun with it.

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