Friday, February 05, 2010

Tale of Woe

i honestly truly HATE February............ and the funny thing is... it really doesn't have anything to do with mid winter blahs............

February seems to be the month where the wheels generally fall off the cart..... where if it can go wrong it does.............

and it is income tax receipt month.

and i hate math !!

i am responsible for two completely different set of tax receipts........ one for my private school (that i own and operate) and one for the public school where i work. (says something about society when one has to have 2 jobs to make ends meet doesn't it??)

Anyway............. the public school supplies the program to run the receipts.. it generally isn't uploaded to my pc until sometime about mid February - if anyone is checking the damn receipts have to be in the mail no later than February 28th midnight !!! Some years they have had glitches in the program and it isn't ready to use until sometime around the end of the month - which means LOADS of overtime.

My lil school receipts can be much simpler - once i find the damn forms on the government website that i MUST use - and figure out how to work them. Our government does not believe in the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" cause almost every year they change the process and the forms and the location on the net !! It is like a scavenger hunt for the right materials............

BUT this year i found the forms in quick order.. downloaded them and have been working on filling them in.......... this morning i was awake at the ungodly hour of 4:30 am .... and went back to work on them.... my rationale is....... the sooner they are done the sooner i can sleep. i have high hopes of having them completed and in the mail by mid week next week. YAY ME !!

The public school receipts are a different matter.. we are still waiting for the updates.. still waiting for the testing.. still waiting for it to be uploaded........ oh well .................

On top of that fun stuff other wheels have been wobbling off the cart..........
i have an employee - JJ i'll call her - who is a perfect pain in the ass. She is the one responsible (we think but can't prove) who sabotaged my work in the fall. (i took over from her mommy dearest who buggered things up right royally) Well JJ has been taking an awful lot of sick days........... (as the Union noted - funny thing is she wasn't sick once the whole time her mommy dearest was running the show) Anyway i digress...... JJ has been off since Tuesday afternoon - again. This time she has declared i ....... lil ole me......... has caused her so much stress she is on the verge of a break down !!! The Union and Human Resources seem to think i should be doing the dance of joy to be rid of her.......... problem is i have another employee who is on CSST (workman's comp) and am now very short staffed and no one has anyone for me......... so i am left hiring less than trained.. less than skilled ... well meaning women who really just want the job for the bucks.. and don't care much about the kids.

See a problem here???

Kids are special people

Kids come first

Those are just two of my mantras........

Then add to that mix..........

Yesterday the school nurse came in to talk to the grade 3ers (aged 8) about sexual abuse. i didn't have the dubious pleasure of sitting in on the lil talk..........but i did have the definite dubious pleasure of fall out from this talk.

One lil girl came to me sobbing... chest heaving........ body shaking sobs......... wanting me to call her mommy........... her tummy hurt.. she was gonna puke.. she didn't want to come to school anymore.....

She sat on my knee cuddled into my chest and cried a river of tears that soaked through my sweater.

She didn't talk much to me.. except to say she didn't want to be in school .. and she was scared.. and and and.........

Well it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that lil talk on sexual abuse stirred something buried deep inside this sweet lil thing.

When Mom came to pick her up........... Mom told me she had always had suspicions something happened to her daughter (by an ex husband) many years ago..... but she didn't think her lil daughter was old enough to remember???!!!! Well guess what Mom !!!???

And it was on that note that my day ended yesterday. When i got home i honestly felt like i had been emotionally hit by a truck.

But this is my job.......... this is .......... believe it or not......... my dream job. i wouldn't change it for the world

(well maybe the tax receipts!! i really do HATE math)


BlazngScarlet said...

I'd come work for you in a heartbeat!
I'm a skilled Admin, I currently work with special kids AND (big bonus here) I am quite adept with taxes.
I kept all the books for several companies.
I would just have to learn Canadian Tax codes ... no biggie.
Can't be any more confusing that ours! lol

swan said...

Sending you great big hugs and cuddles... Our taxes date is April 15, but as soon as the year turns, I start fussing about doing the taxes... Grrrrr!

So sorry about the little one. I am so glad that she had you there for her. It is probably the hardest part of this kind of work...all those children who carry more load than they should, and for whom we can do just so much. Sigh.

hugs, swan

Buffalo said...

It's a damn shame when we live in a world where it is necessary for a nurse, or anyone, to talk to a kid about abuse.

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