Monday, February 08, 2010

300 +++++

Ok....... so the weekend was spent over at Sir's place. We spent Saturday afternoon at a curling event with the 78th Fraser Highlanders (and i have to say i am still NOT used to being called "milady") i am pleased to report that a good time was had by all...

On Sunday....... well now.. that was the real fun bit. Sir told me to lean over the sofa for a whooping ( i never say no to a good whooping !!) There were 2 interesting bits about this whooping............. (cause honestly i can only describe a whooping so many times in so many different ways).

The first interesting bit was what Sir used to whoop my ass.

No that is not a handy dandy wooden paddle......... that is a cheese board. When Sir and i cleaned out his mom's kitchen we found this old fashioned cheese board (not the one pictured above - but that is a close facsimile) And i do believe it may be His favourite toy to use (cause He uses it almost every time i am there) It packs a helluva whallop. i was kinda white knuckling it...... dancing and twitching and what not ......... when i decided to see how many smacks Sir would give me. (which is the second interesting bit about this weekend's session)

i have often wondered how many hits i take in a session.......... curiosity killed the cat and all that. So after Sir had been going for about 5 minutes i started counting. (which is why this post is entitled 300+++ i don't have an accurate count starting late and all )

Then just to keep things interesting Sir changed to His next favourite pervertable - the old paint stirrer.

Now that doesn't pack a whallop - but my god it does sting.......... and Sir can go much faster with the stirrer than with the cheese board. i was trying so hard to keep an accurate count - cause i know you all would love to know how many smacks i can take in a session.......... at times Sir went too damn fast for me to keep up............

But by the time Sir put the stirrer and the cheese board down, i had reached 300 hits........... i know it was more than that cause i started counting late.. and Sir double hit with the stirrer so many times i couldn't keep up............

So my question is.........

have you ever counted how many hits you have taken in a session????

and why is it we (subs that is) so often have fits when we are faced with birthday spanks or some celebratory spanking that involves over 100 hits???!!!

thoughts anyone??


swan said...

I don't count. I never count. I hate to count. It freaks me out! He counts. I sometimes can hear Him back there counting under His breath. I know that He tends to do sets of 25 or 50 with breaks in between. Sometimes He'll change implements during a break, and sometimes He'll come right back with the same thing, and go back after it. I'd be surprised it the number weren't near to 300 or better, but that's purely my impression and has no basis in any sort of mathematical precision.

hugs, swan

Irony's Sub said...

I don't count either. I've only just discovered the joy of being spanked. Sir actually brought me to 3 orgasms tonight by spanking my womanhood. I have NEVER experienced anything like it. Don't count, just enjoy!

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