Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Beast 3

After the bondage chair Sir had me get dressed and we went off in search of this restaurant that Master Joe recommended.

It was as nice as Master Joe said.. the fish and chips were delicious.. and when they heard it was my birthday they sent us home with a piece of cake to celebrate !!!!

It was sorta weird to be out in public .. seeing people socializing .. laughing .. i felt separated from them somehow... my world seemed to have shrunk down to the sound of Sir's voice and the sight of Sir.

We made our way back through the dark country roads ... and i was worried that it would be boring ...... we had played and played hard. And Sir never plays (or rarely plays) after dinner.. especially a big dinner. The other problem..the thing i was fussing over... was that there was no television.. not a handicap for me.. but Sir loves his television.. and as He doesn't sleep as early as i do.. i was worried what Sir would do................

i shouldn't have worried.

The minute we got safely back downstairs to our lil dungeon apartment... Sir had me strip and decided it was time to try the massage/bondage table.

What a production trying to get on it !!! Mind you Sir didn't take the extra bits and pieces off to make it any easier on me to get on. Finally after a few false starts .. Sir removed the extra bars from one side so that i could crawl up.......... and turn myself around a few times.. and finally plunk myself down (very unladylike). There were holes in the table at appropriate places..

And then it started again....... the beatings......... and truthfully i don't remember much else.. then it was over.. and i couldn't get down.. hell i didn't even know which way WAS down !!!

Sir got me into bed.. then he came around to my side of the bed.. i wasn't paying much attention for obvious reasons....... until i heard Sir say "Suck me bitch"....... and my mouth was filled with His cock.. and it felt so wonderful..... sucking on His cock. and His words reverberated in my head.. over and over...

Afterwards.. Sir snuggled into bed with me and put Man of the Year (Robin Williams) dvd on the lap top (another birthday present from Sir) ........ about half way through my eyes got heavy and i drifted off to sleep.

i woke suddenly... looked at the clock .. saw 3:11 .. and felt a bit lost.. Sir was way over on His side of the bed... and i wiggled over to snuggle up against Him. No sooner had i spooned into Him .. than Sir lifted up my top leg and shoved His cock into my pussy.. i was saying "no no" and thinking not again !! and then thinking "oh god YES"... i must have been making quite a bit of noise because Sir slapped His hand across my mouth and nose.. that was all it took.. i was cumming.. fast and hard !!! My hands flew to Sir's hands.. tugging on them.... i couldn't breath !! My chest was pounding.. it was so damn good !!!!

And then it was over.. and the room smelled of sex .. and i drifted back off to sleep wrapped in the aroma.. and the heat............

The next morning my body screamed at me.. loudly and long........... i am no 20 year old anymore.. and oh my god .. my neck was stiff .. my left leg felt as though it was going to seize up every time i moved it......... and my pussy....... well it felt stretched and sore and very used !!! Tylenol is my best friend!!

It has taken me 4 days to come down off the high from the weekend......... i said to Sir in the car coming home .. "This has been the very best birthday ever !!!" and i asked Him if He realized He had raised the birthday bar very high........... how will He ever match that again??

The winch beast may be safe and sound in Warmbuns dungeon......... but the beast inside of Sir has awakened....... and i hope it never sleeps again !!!


Hisflower said...

im sooo happy that you had such a wonderful birthday! it sounds like paradise!i loved reading all about it- happy belated birthday to you!

Hermione said...

Hi littleone,

I have heard of Warmbuns but have never stayed there. Your pictures are far better than the ones on their website. It looks like an awesome place!


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