Saturday, June 16, 2007

like a tapestry

It seems to me .. the best way to describe our weekend (so far) is that it has been like a tapestry...individual blocks of activity and colour and senses.

i really am running on my last piston of energy....... my body and mind feels heavy and slow to respond. For heaven's sakes i napped - napped !!! - for an hour yesterday afternoon!!

But in the morning i had weeded and watered all the flower beds - front and back.. and cut back some weird hodge podge hedge that the former owner put in.... that had grown over my 5'6" height.. and made it impossible to see my front path or doorway. i had done all the laundry (well except for the ironing which is to be done today ) and made the meals and just tried to BE whatever it is i am supposed to be.

When i sat down with Sir after lunch... He made mention of the comment He left on Friday’s blog ... now honestly!!! i was supposed to take THAT seriously???? apparently i was ! so i went and took out a couple of packages of clips and applied them liberally to my private pink bits.. grudgingly.. There is something about inflicting pain on myself when Sir is here ........ i want to feel His hands doing the pain not mine....... but .. well Sir was busy snapping pictures.. with his brand spanking new.................... camera!!

(i was warned i could write a blog.. i could look at the pictures ...i could even save ONE picture for the blog.. but all the rest were to be left for Sir.. for his blog.........) and i know HE will be posting sometime soon.. cause with the new camera... He can take the most intimate embarrassing shots with total perfection - much better than with the old camera.. woe's me!!

After the clips had been removed and more pictures taken of the marks left ... Sir picked up the small flogger - i have renamed the "pussy flogger" - and proceeded to work over my thighs, pussy and breasts. At one point i suggested (i get the weirdest ideas/cravings sometimes) that a cup of coffee would be really nice!! Sir hit me a couple more times then decreed coffee was an excellent idea! Guess what Sir did with the flogger!!! He clipped it to my clit jewelry!! and as He did so.. He said.. "I'll just bookmark my place and we'll get back to it later!!" Now i am a bookmark???!!!!

And then Saturday evening while i was snuggled up on the recliner all comfy and cozy and watching TV... Sir went and got one of His oriental knives - a gift from our dear friend drakor.......

Sir had that gleam in His eye... gleam i say !!! my lil sun dress was unbuttoned one button at a time as Sir ran the edge of the knife over my breasts.. each time He wanted to go further "afield" shall we say - another button was undone.. i was holding my breath. Now i KNOW Sir would never ever deliberately cut me.. actually cut me.. but there are times where i fear just taking a breath will alter the pressure and blood will spurt..

Then the point of the blade slid between my legs.. toying with my pink private bits.. clanging against the jewelry..despite the fear and despite the horror in my mind.... i fantasized what it would feel like sliding into me........ (ok ok colour me sick and preverted!!! BUT it was just a fantasy)

After Sir tired of listening to my yelps.. He had me stand with my back to Him as He ran the blade up and down my back and ass and legs... there is a spot .. a sensitive spot just at the base of my spine.. caress that spot and my legs go to jelly and i will do just about anything......... it is definitely my weak spot !! The point of the knife more than once carassed that spot.

After that i was sent to bed....... a weak limp bag of bones........ to sleep perhaps to dream of sugar plum fairies doing a sword dance??


drakor66 said...
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drakor66 said...

I think you look cute with a tail perhaps there might be another place to hang or insert another one hmmm now where could that be

M:e said...

Ooooooh, knife play!!!

You make such a beautiful bookmark....I think Sir should start a library.

I hope the dreams came through for you.....sugar plum fairies sound kinda sweet.

love and hugs xxx

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