Friday, June 08, 2007


This morning .. when i really should have been heading to the shower to get ready for work.. i went - instead - to the Heron Clan to read the news... (i had had such a chuckle over Raheretic's post yesterday about hearing the voice of "God") that i thought a repeat of the same post might start my day off with a chuckle and a bright spot. However imagine my surprise when i saw that swan had posted.. and she had posted about a fantasy she had shared and how it didn't turn out quite the way she imagined..

and so i thought i would say a word or two about fantasies this morning..........somehow fantasies never quite turn out the way one expects.. take me for example.. this morning with this brilliant idea for a post on fantasy i googled the word to find an appropriate picture to start with.. what did i find when i goggled "fantasy" a mess of naked women in varying degrees of sex .... that may be someone else's fantasy but it sure as the devil is not mine !!!

And therein lies the whole problem with fantasies.. what i see in my mind is not what anyone else sees or imagines or feels.... how simple was that?? i was going to go into this long diatribe about how fantasies do not translate to reality .. and why.. and google did it simply and efficiently.

i guess it is a wee bit like looking at a modern art picture....... i will see and experience one thing from it and the person standing right next to me will see something completely and totally different.. oh it will include the same shades of colour and maybe even the same result.. but the direction to get to the result will be totally and completely different.

Fantasies.......... whatever are we to do with them?


drakor66 said...

use them only to give a thread to reality not a full blown plan. a lot less chance of disappointment. The mystery of opening a door naked, not knowing what is on the other side is a greater thrill for me than working as a stripper where I pretty much know what the evening will consist of .

Of course those are my thoughts

Buffalo said...

Making a fantasy into a reality is similar to having a book you enjoyed reading turned into a movie. Once in a while the movie is as good as the book, but more often than not it falls short.

swan said...

I'm not sure. I think there's more to this than I've figured out to this point. I know that my "history" with sharing erotic fantasy and erotic dreams with partners has been spotty at best. It would be easy to simply write the whole endeavor off and walk away, but I'm just not ready to do that. There has to be something in the experience of sharing fantasies with an intimate partner that makes it worth taking the risk.


His Mija said...

I totally agree with Buffalo.
I would love to live out every fantasy BUT i think they are better off just staying fantasies.

His Mija

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