Friday, May 04, 2007

pick your battles..

First off i have to say.. i was more or less raised by a grandmother who believed in fortune telling, tea leaves, and a whole mess of other superstitious things. i have discovered that *this* 21st century woman (ME for heaven's sakes!) has internalized a couple of her superstitions - along with some of her other more conventional qualities.

i love my horoscope. i have a wee calendar on my desk that gives me my daily reading. Most of the time i have to admit, i scowl at the day's reading.. tear it off and toss it. BUT after a week of disagreements at work (hells bells more like a career full of disagreements) this mornings reading made me laugh......

It said: "pick your battles wisely. Your preferred approach to a situation and someone else's preferred approach to a situation are probably not in the same library, let alone on the same page"

How true that is !!! Sometimes i need to be reminded of that fact. i have come to learn that i approach situations very differently than many others. i also tend to believe in social traits that are "old fashioned" and i guess by other's standards out of date - like showing respect .. or sitting quietly during a meeting, listening.

Anyway.. i don't wish to get into the disagreements i have had / endured this week at work.. i have been thinking about my scorpio personality... we are - apparently - and if you believe in this sort of thing......

Determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, exciting, and Magnetic
Jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive, and obstinate.

i can see my Sir sitting there nodding in agreement and probably saying "she is all that and more!!"

BUT i have learned over time.. over years... that if i hold true to my beliefs.. that eventually others do come to see at least some of the value in what i say..... i guess they finally get to the right library - maybe still not on the same page.. but at least are in the same building !!!

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Buffalo said...

And more often than not that is the very best you can hope for.

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