Friday, May 11, 2007

baby steps..

Last night as i tried to find a cool spot in the bed - a breath of air - i wondered what the devil i did before Sir. Let me explain..........

When i first met Sir i could not .. under any circumstances ... be naked. i even wore a robe to go from my bedroom to the bathroom! Sir was bound and determined that if He taught me nothing else (remember this was in the beginning and it was not supposed to be a long term relationship !!) He was going to teach me how to be naked... naked as a jay bird.

i balked.. i screamed HARD LIMIT!!! Sir quietly and calmly replied "baby steps". So the first thing i HAD to do was learn to sleep naked... oh i could still put a robe on when i ran to the bathroom, but in bed... nothing.. zilch .. nada.. naked!

Slowly i progressed .. until i could walk around the top level of the house naked IF the blinds were closed. As i lay in bed last night remembering ... i remembered the night i was walking to the bathroom to have my nightly bubble bath. As i passed the "office" i noticed i hadn't closed the curtains.
(Now to fully understand the impact of this story, you have to picture the windows in the office. They are NOT your typical bedroom window - small and squarish. No sirreee bob!! They are floor to ceiling windows. ) Completely forgetting that i was naked (wow!!!), i walked into the room and closed the first curtain. As i reached to close the second curtain, i realized to my shock and horror that i was standing .. framed in the window (light behind me) in all my glory!!! You never saw anyone dash behind a curtain as fast as i did !! and then try and reach across the expanse and manage to close the other curtain. i was horrified. It set my "naked training" back more than a few "baby steps" .. trust me !!!

And so as i lay sweating in the bed last night...... i had to wonder .. what did i do pre nakedness??? how in heaven's name did i ever sleep in pj's in such heat??!!! Oh .. Sir knows best.. and He has proven it more than once !!!


drakor66 said...

SO does that mean you will be bbgueing in the nude this year?

Buffalo said...

In some States, Missouri was one of them, there was a law on the books that required a person to be covered from ankles to neck with two sets of clothing. Can you imagine wearing a "union" suit and complete outer wear through out the summer? And often the outer wear was woolen?

SeaRabbit said...

littleone... as a catholic girl, I was raised in the idea of going to bed well covered... when I discovered the power of lingerie (quite late, as I was already 35) it opened a new world for me... When I met Him, He insisted that I go to bed naked... what I did many times... but no matter what, my old 'nature' is back at any time... I wear a pyjama to go to bed... and loose it some times... but often, when He is tired, He respects my 'nature'... unless I wear something obviously too 'catholic' because I'm crossed with Him... ;-))
On the other part, I never had problem going in the house naked, no matter windows or door fully open, or even in the garden... We have such weird habits sometimes...;-)

swan said...

nakedness is the purest joy! I know many who have climbed this same set of barriers, but with my naturist leanings, I've always felt most comfy naked. Our only problem arises when it warms up and He declares the onset of air-conditioner torture :-p


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