Friday, July 14, 2017


Despite all the negatives going on around us -- the one thing that keeps getting better and better is our sex life.

Some nights I lie there afterwards and think I am the luckiest woman alive.  This man is truly one in a million.  Our sexual desires are so much in sync.  Never before have I had a partner who has wanted to.......... as much as I do.  Never before have I had a man who knows exactly how to make me cum.  Never before have I had a man who treats me like (as the expression goes) "a princess by day and a slut by night" AND ohhhh my it is sooo good!

Sexually we keep improving (which yeah I know is normal!)  and when I think there is nothing that can make it better -- there is !  And it boggles my mind!  I sleep purring like a contented cat ..... with a Cheshire smile on my face.

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