Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saying goodbye

Yesterday was my last day with my lil guy at school.  He is so very ready to move forward on his own.  Oh the progress he has made!!  When I told him I was leaving he was quite upset and sputtered about how he loved me and I couldn't leave -- but finished up with "Well you have to give me a letter".  

I had no idea what he meant by that -- but it planted a thought in my head.  I decided I would give him a goodbye card.  Last week I took a couple of 'selfies' of the two of us together and made him a little card .. on the front I wrote "Oh the places you'll go" and inside I wrote "Kid you'll move mountains" (quotes from Dr. Seuss).  I don't know if he'll even remember he asked for a "letter" but I feel good about doing this for him.  

This lil guy WILL go places and move mountains and I am so very happy I got to spend these last few months helping him find his feet - so to speak.

And now I am ready to go places and move my own mountains.........
(there is always another child waiting just around the corner -- a child who needs to find their independence... their confidence )

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Lea said...

That's a great idea. Even if he doesn't remember that he asked for a letter, he'll have it to remember!

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