Monday, May 08, 2017

Mud Puddle

Thursday night I told Sir Steve I honestly didn't think I would be able to make it to the campgrounds this weekend.  That vaccine really knocked me flat on my ass.  My arm kept swelling till it was from just below the shoulder down half way to my elbow and went almost all the way around the arm.  I was still running a low grade fever.  
But Friday morning the fever was gone -- and I was a wee bit better.  I packed up the car and headed off to Sir Steve and a weekend of healing snuggles.

We went up to the campgrounds on Saturday...... it had been raining for days and days and days.  For those not in our area -- there is flooding everywhere!!  rivers are overflowing their banks -- water levels are rising to the point that bridges are being closed and whole shorelines have been washed away....... 


we went to the campgrounds.

Does anyone know the book "Mud Puddle" by Robert Munsch??? Honestly that's how it felt -- no matter how careful I was when I went outside a mud puddle would sneak up and attack me. 

It oozed over the top of my crocs and seeped through the holes soaking my feet.  I changed into clean clothes and vowed I wasn't stepping off the deck...... but the mud puddle found me and splattered my warm leggings ... (thanks to the dog's enthusiastic tail and dirty paws) and somehow my feet got soaked again.

Despite the mud -- mud mud everywhere -- we did manage to get the dishes washed and sorted out into cupboards -- we got supplies stored away -- and Sir Steve (god love him) even lengthened a post on the deck so the internet guy can install the internet next weekend!  We barbequed sausages and chicken -- and ate in the trailer.  We turned the heat up and stayed toasty warm.  Yes I can get used to this camping thing -- with heaters to keep us warm and a big queen sized warm snuggly bed in the bedroom. 

AND of course with Sir Steve to snuggle me and coddle me...... 

Life is good when you have an RV and a man who loves you ......

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