Wednesday, June 17, 2015


 I noticed yesterday - that for some mysterious reason - there is only ONE blog entry showing on my page.  I have the settings set to show 5 per page. 

I tried to sort out the problem last evening but I was computer brain dead after working all day so I decided to leave it till this morning when my brain would be fresher and more prepared to solve the mystery (or so I thought.)

I have tried everything - absolutely E V E R Y T H I N G !!!  to get more than one post to show on the page.  I used another computer thinking this old reliable may be acting up - nope still only one post - thinking it might be a blogger thing -  I went around and checked out other blogger blogs and they all have more than one post per page.... I went into settings and template and just about every administrative hidey hole I know of - and still only ONE blog per page.

I know there are one or two of you - out there in blog land - who are quite expert on blogger - can you think of a reason - other than gremlins - why my blog has decided on it's own to only display one post at a time????   I know it's not the end of the world.. but it really bugs's more that it changed on it's own and the fact I can't fix it than anything else ........... and yes I know the world will continue to spin on it's axis - BUT still!!!

Can someone be Sherlock to my Holmes and help me figure out this mystery please???

and of course I post this and I now have 2 posts on the page - but honest true - it should be 5 posts per page... so there is a problem HELP!!!!


Ordalie said...

It's the very first time I see so few blog entries on your page! It's unfortunately not the first time the computer behaves as if it had a life of its own.

Hermione said...

Hi morningstar,

Blogger has a feature called auto pagination that limits the number of posts on one page, overriding the number of posts you select to be displayed. It has to do with the size of a post, the number of images in a post, and other factors. (If you use a dynamic template, you can get around the limitation.)

It's the post "The Adventure got even better" that's causing the problem. You typed it in MS Word (or other MS product) then copied and pasted. That brought in a ton of Word formatting that made your post exceptionally long. There's a Word table involved too.

If you want to compose in Word, you can do one of two things to remove the unwanted code:

1. Switch to the HTML tab then paste, or
2. Paste into Notepad. Then copy from notepad and paste into Blogger.

I hope this helps.


morningstar said...

BRILLIANT Hermione - You are right I did write a blog in word - so that solves the mystery - thank you thank you thank you!!

Hermione said...

No problem. I'm glad I could help.

Let me know if you have any other Blogger problems and I'll be happy to investigate.

Have a great weekend!

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