Friday, November 28, 2014

New Day

and joy oh joy the sun is shining!!

For those of you following my health saga......... no new cancer - no old cancer either.  But my weird and wonderful symptoms have them stumped so I was sent for blood tests and am on some new meds............ shrug... hopefully they will find the cause of my weird (growing weirder ever day) symptoms.

W has been working hard to earn his "fudge points" (cheeky grin) and the decorating on the house is coming along... I am excited to photograph our "Whoville" and show you all.

And that's about all the news on The Journey........ unless you count yet another doctor's appointment today - but not worrisome at all......

Enjoy your Black Friday - all you shoppers.


1 comment:

Buffalo said...

That is a good piece of news.

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