Saturday, November 15, 2014

And now for something completely different............

A week or so ago W and I were out at Canadian Tire and I found the cutest lil Christmas creature......elf?? and had to have him. 

I said he was going to be MY Elf on the Shelf.  I was gonna move him upstairs to my "quiet" room until at least the 1st of December...and then he would appear and "move" around the house each day (or when I thought about it).  I am such a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas!!  and usually am left playing all these silly games by myself - for myself.  W is a Grinch and just doesn't get into Christmas.

So I put my lil elf on the stairs to move up to the 'quiet room'.

BUT he disappeared before I got a chance to move him............

That evening when I went down to the family room - there he was sitting on the CD shelf!!

Since then he has appeared in the corner of the kitchen, on the top of the china cabinet in the dining room and sitting in the wing backed chair in the living room.  

Now before everyone goes all mooshy and says "awwwwwwww how sweet of W" you need to know that I have a new fudge recipe for this Christmas.  Maple fudge.  BUT this maple fudge has Cadbury's Caramilk bars in the center.  And W started drooling over this new fudge immediately. 


I told W that if I hear any "grinchy" comments about Christmas this year he loses one piece of fudge......... IF he gets into Christmas he earns one piece of fudge...... (considering he's diabetic his doctor will probably kill me) 

And that dear friends is why MY "Elf on the Shelf" is gadding about the house 2 weeks early - earning fudge points !!!


Buffalo said...

I wonder if the elf has any aspirations of becoming a fire walker.

Ordalie said...

A very cute elf!

Downunder Don said...

There are no better goodie points than fudge goodie points

Jay said...

This post is adorable! It made me smile. :-)

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